Internet Collaboration With Propellerhead Reason & Discover

This video tutorial takes a look at collaboration, remixing and more using Propellerhead’s Reason, Take and Figure apps and their Discover service. 


Working with material from Discover in Reason happens with a single click and tempo information for ideas is preserved all along the way, making it easy to get going quickly adding your own production and music to the process.

However, sometimes the greatest song ideas captured in Take might have been recorded by singers without a steady tempo or backing beat but that shouldn’t stop us from being able to use them in Reason.

In this tutorial, Ryan shows us the basics of finding inspiration from Discover but also an advanced technique for tempo mapping and fitting freely recorded material to a fixed tempo grid ready for Reason production.


18 thoughts on “Internet Collaboration With Propellerhead Reason & Discover

  1. Up until last year I had been using Reason exclusively as my DAW for over 10 years (started on 3.0).
    Didn’t realize how much time I was wasting and frustration I had to endure, until I started using Ableton. In addition, the sound resolution in Reason is nowhere near Ableton.

    I will never go back to Reason.

  2. I know a lot of people are bent out of shape over this, especially with the user forum closing, and the appearance that Props are possibly catering more to the mobile arena, but this seems pretty cool. There’s definitely going to be a ton of trash out there, and this is far from groundbreaking, but the integration seems pretty nice. It’s not like you HAVE to use it…

  3. What an amazing thing. Actually taking an audio track and EASILY mapping its changing tempo to generated tracks. This is a game changer. Ableton and other loop trigger machines may be good for making formulaic, repetitive disco loops (aka music for robots). But when it comes to actual song-writing and production, its hard to beat Reason. Keep the innovations coming Props.

    Oh …and don’t shut down the user forum. That is one of the most stupid things you can ever do.

    1. That whole “tempo mapping” process he went through is effectively like warping in Ableton Live. He’s literally stripping away the original tempo. Did we watch the same video?

  4. I still haven’t upgraded to Reason 8, I hate to say it, but I don’t like the direction they’re going.
    Something seems wrong over at Propellerheads, they’re misdirected. While this is a great idea on the surface, I just can understand it’s FULL purpose or potential.

    They could be onto something amazing here, but I still don’t get it.

  5. nice collaboration feature, isn´t that what ableton advertised, got paid for and never delivered, i think it was back with live 7 or so …

  6. Tiny GUI elements on modern screens, non scalable UI designed for 800×600 screens, non-transferable RE licences, no mixer fader groups, no latency compensation for plugins, CPU usage over the top (my i7 3770k with SSD drives and 32GB ram craps out on nearly every track I make). No update to the combinator, outdated samplers, no sample loading for RE, no IR reverb, no note to track for RE so all sequencers cannot copy their notes to a midi lane. No granular sampler, no updates to sequencer.. Etc.

    PH closed the forum because they didn’t want potential new customers drawn in to the Reason fold to be exposed to all the feature request from current customers and then be turned off from buying Reason.

    Discover is a marketing stunt, that is all. I hope it works out for them, because their neglect of their flagship program is pissing long dedicated customers off.

  7. I left Reason years ago, it was an amazing bit of software at the time and thank PH for this – it was great!

    Unfortunately, who ever the marketing director is over there is something of a psychopath and seems to think that the way you get market share and respect is by locking things down and forcing people to do things their way.

    Of course, the net result of this is the current state where no one is really interested any more and the few stragglers left are also starting to wane. Who the fuck wants yet another layer of proprietary lock-in – at least VSTs are reasonably portable and if you switch DAW you can take them with you – try doing that with Reason plugins – you’re screwed!

    As for the completely ridiculous comment above about Ableton being for music for robots – I can only laugh at the sheer ignorance!

  8. no interest in most current update – yet it fully impedes my nektar p1 controller not having it : /
    now i feel the ~$130 is worth it just to restore its functionality – sad huh…

    i can’t seem to get it much use these days.

    the forum action was just silly, obviously hiding something or just plain ashamed of whats happening.
    something does seem wrong.

  9. Reason used to be focused on making electronic music, but over the past several years it seems as though they are targeting a much more ‘live’ performer. It’s all about making things super simple, drag n drop, presets and loop packs. I get it – you have to grow your customer base somehow. But none of the recent updates are exciting to their original hardcore user base. It’s like they’re dumping us, to go be with someone else.

    Well, go ahead PH. Let’s see who will love you and your teeny tiny unscalable GUI, and Nora Jones inspired demos. I’m done with you!

  10. i really like propellerhead as a company i think reason recycle and rebirth are great tools.
    for me I think there was a strange period where v5 and v6 happened. the only feature, i think that really ruined it for me was the large mixer. After they introduced sampling again in reason with version 5 they should have integrated recycle /reason and rebirth into one app then audio with a new reason sized mixer. Don’t get me wrong the mixer sounds great but the new versions of reason are very cluttered to work with I also think the new browser and drag and drop are great but on a laptop i just don’t need that huge mixer. that is not how i use reason at least so im still enjoying the older versions. im sure im in the few who feel that way

  11. Has anyone tried this Discover site yet? I just got on it recently. Put a couple projects up. Also been messing with the Take app to see how it works with audio imported from Discover. Take seems a bit limited. It’s good for short ideas but try importing a 9 minute song or stream of stems can be a bit cumbersome especially when trying to cue up certain sections.

  12. Hi Folks

    I’dont now whats you are excepting, for me reason has the best Workflow to get a fast work.
    Shure RE cannot be used in other DAW, it’s not cool but it is like it is.

    I create Tracks Dubstep, Trance, Hip Hop and Electronic Sounds, the mixer is great for mastering.
    Before i exportet each track in Logic to do the mastering , after reason adds the new Mixer im Glad
    I can easy Sidechain , easy working with it and all the CV functions are exclusivly.
    I also got Logic , but for me it’s to much .

    Ableton is not that tool to Produce Musik , but in the end it’s a matter of each person to decide whats the best for him.

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