Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12 Synthesizer Now Available


The new Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12 synthesizer – a new ‘no-compromise’ analog monosynth module – is now available.

What does AS mean by calling it a ‘no-compromise’ synth? Here’s what they have to say about that:

To put it bluntly, there are analogue synthesisers and then there are real analogue synthesisers.

As Nyborg-12 proudly states on its rugged steel/aluminium casing for all to see (and hear): REAL ANALOGUE VOICE & MODULATION CIRCUITS

But what does that actually mean? Meaningfully, apart from its high-quality 16-bit DAC (Digital-to-Analog Convertor) for MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) to CV (Control Voltage) conversion (which, by its very nature, has to be digital), Nyborg-12 is absolutely analogue through and through, hand built (by humans) using real transistors and op-amps.

Unlike other so-called analogue synths you’ll find no CPU-stabilised and quantised circuits, DCOs (Digitally-Controlled Oscillators), digital LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators), or digital EGs (Envelope Generators) hiding here, thank you very much!

Instead its circuitry is based on tried-and-tested, distinctive-sounding designs dating back to the mid-Seventies, so Nyborg-12 sounds suitably vintage in character.

Here’s a video demo:


  • Full rugged steel/aluminium case – no plastic mouldings
  • Good quality smooth potentiometers, fully sealed against dust
  • Good quality knobs with spun aluminium caps
  • High grade double sided circuit board
  • High Quality 16bit DAC for MIDI-CV conversion
  • Very stable MIDI to CV
  • Very stable analogue oscillators
  • Hand built
  • True retro analogue voice and modulation circuits for authentic retro sound

The Nyborg can be used independently, it can be mounted with optional wood end-cheeks or rack mounts, and can be combined with additional Nyborg’s to create a 2- or 4-voice synthesizer.




  • 2 VCOs: each with Tune, Octave, Free run, Pulse width mod, Saw wave, Square wave, Sync, plenty of modulation, CV in
  • Multimode VCF: 4 filter types, 12dB/octave, Telemark style filter, plenty of modulation, Q boost switch, CV control
  • VCA, Mixer
  • 2 EGs: with Gate CV in
  • LFO, Sample and Hold, Noise, Sub Oscillator
  • MIDI to CV converter – use with your DAW
  • 2 units can be bolted together – and with optional rack ears – rack mounted
  • 2 untis can be played duophonically
  • 4 units can be played quadphonically

The Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12 is available for £599. See the AS site for details.

38 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Nyborg-12 Synthesizer Now Available

  1. “Unlike other so-called analogue synths you’ll find no CPU-stabilised and quantised circuits, DCOs (Digitally-Controlled Oscillators), digital LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators), or digital EGs (Envelope Generators) hiding here, thank you very much!”

    – Cool story bro.

    Yeah, I truly don’t care if an LFO is digitally-controlled . . . I care about EGs maybe a little but not really. I’m mostly concerned with the oscillators and filters being analog – that’s where I really hear and feel a difference. DCOs just mean the oscillator-beating is digitally synchronized and clocked – I personally prefer the sound of VCOs, but I own and have heard many DCO synths that manage to sound great – not better or worse than VCOs, just different.

    “To put it bluntly, there are analogue synthesisers and then there are real analogue synthesisers.”

    Most major manufacturers of more “budget-conscious” analog synthesizers, such as Arturia, Novation, and Korg, have to make a decision somewhere along the line as to where they will spend money for sound quality and where they will compromise true “analog-ness” to keep costs down. It’s all about making the best sound with the resources available and trying to put the unit in as many hands as possible.

    I guess there should always be options for people willing to pay for a premium product, but Analogue Solutions’ copy came off sounding a bit pompous. Also, after listening to the sound demo, I’m not in love with the synth’s sound on its own merits. Maybe it’s the way the presenter created the patches, but they didn’t sound very musical to me – just more modular-style twiddling.

    1. I totally agree with the point about “dissing” modern designs in DCO synths coming across pretty pompous. Most of us agree that it sounds different and not necessarily worse.. I love seeing all kinds of advances in synthesis and also the old school purist approach like this. With companies being able to produce stuff like this and the budget market blooming we’re all doing good!

    1. I have an SEM-Pro and I love it to bits, but it’s definitely not as versatile a synth as this one seems to be. If you’re looking for one of the creamiest monosynth sounds on the planet, just go for the SEM. Chances are you won’t regret it. I mean, whenever I want to create a sound that makes people go “SMOOOOOTH”, I fire it up. It’s a dear, dear instrument for me and probably the thing I’d save from a fire. I don’t have pets. Don’t worry.

      That being said, it doesn’t have a noise oscillator nor does it sport a sub oscillator. It does make a mean bass, but honestly, if mean’s what you’re looking for, it doesn’t come close to the growls and grit heard on this newcomer’s demos. If your looking for some extra dirt and rawness, I’d go for this one.

  2. I wonder if when hand-building this they used a flint and steel striker to ignite their soldering iron? You know it makes all the difference!

  3. “CPU-stabilised” wow I guess they are trying to say there’s nothing digital inside, right?
    Being super-strict (as they seem to be) there is a digital circuit inside, the MIDI to CV converter (Musical Instrument DIGITAL Interface)
    In the end it’s sound that counts, and don’t really like it (guess I’m subscounciously comparing it with my real SEM)

  4. I have one and I absolutely love it. Small footprint, very portable. Very wide range of sounds and the Q boost feature really comes in handy to give sounds an edge and character (more aggressive). I love the fact that you can rack mount 2 and effectively have a two voice. It’s not a synth for a man who relies on presets, but if you’re after a no-nonsense true analog synth, you can’t go wrong here… Go AS!!

      1. She can come and hug my gear anytime!
        Talking about gear… There is just sooo much out there that I’m either going to:
        (A) Win the lottery.
        (B) Rob a bank or a music shop.
        (C) Sell my soul to Beelzebub.

  5. Wasn’t nyborg that drug the aliens in the original heavy metal movie snorting just before they crash land their space ship?

    1. Correct.
      Plutonian Nyborg: An inhaled white powder whose appearance resembles blow, and whose effects resemble those of strong weed; used by two alien starship pilots just prior to flying home and zoning out on the cosmos. Too intoxicated to fly straight, they crash while landing into a huge space station.

  6. This one is certainly interesting. I liked what I heard from their Leipzig synth. They should give me four Nyborg units to keep so I can combine them and play them “quadphonically.” If they do so, I will write a free product review for them.

  7. Much as I like hearing the raw sounds of these new machines, I wish someone would hook up a MIDI keyboard and just play a regular solo so we can hear what that sounds like. All the classic synths have solo and pad and bass demos on U2b. How come all the new machines seems relegated to a world in which there are only arpeggiators? Not everyone lives for club music and a lot of us take spectacular pains to avoid it completely.

  8. sounds great!

    we are spoiled for choice for analog monosynths. many like this one are very simple… some have a few extra circuits like a ring modulator and more modulation routings… but pretty much… they all follow the same architecture

    i wish manufacturers would include a wider variety of circuits in their synths…. like wave shapers/folders, a slew limiter that could be use for things other than only portomento… a simple sequencer that while could be used for pitch would instead be a modulation source… more filters and with the option of using them in series or parallel, a resonant eq like serge or moog’s resonator section

    of course this is all available in modular. i just think it would be interesting if all these analog synths weren’t exactly following the same architecture… 2 vcos into a filter and then into an amp, chuck in some envelope generators and an lfo and call it a day

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