Elektron Intros Future House Sound Pack For Analog Rytm

Elektron has released a new sound library for the Analog Rytm, the Future House Sound Pack.

Here’s what they have to say about the Future House Sound Pack:

Biome Digital has created a set of envelope pushing samples specifically tuned for deep, enchanting and pioneering beats. A treat for the sound systems of the world.

The Sound pack is specifically made for the Analog Rytm. Included is an Analog Rytm project featuring 16 patterns and 16 kits. The kits also feature performances and scenes, great for live tweaking the patterns.


  • Sound pack size: 11.7 MB. 16 bit/48 kHz/mono WAV samples.
  • 1 project. 16 patterns. 16 kits.
  • Scene and performance macros for each kit.
  • 9 kicks. 1 snare. 1 crash sample. 1 ride sample. 1 closed hithat . 1 open hihat . 1 tambourine. 1 percussion sample. 1 shaker. 6 claps. 16 synth samples. 9 bass samples . 5 vox samples. 3 piano samples. 2 orch hits samples. 6 FX samples.

The Future House Sound Pack is available now for US $15.

8 thoughts on “Elektron Intros Future House Sound Pack For Analog Rytm

  1. I don’t quite get it.
    For music like that, why not stick with loop collections?
    Its not what the Analog Rytm does best, because it has limitations there, for example, no stereo samples and the effects are on the harsh side.
    It can’t beat a loopmasters cd, if that’s the goal.

    1. But because we can’t afford to buy them because we spend all our money on synths, they’re our future houses, not our right-now houses.

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