Denver Synth Meet Coming March 14, 2015

denver-synth-meetOrganizers have announced Denver Synth Meet – a synth meetup and electronic music event that they say should beĀ ‘a fun day filled with blinky lights, patch cables, knobs and keys and friendly faces.’

Planned events for the March 14th event include:

  • Synth DIY class by Synthrotek
  • Manufacturer demos by WMD, Audio Damage, Grayscale, NIIO Analog & Soundtrack Loops
  • Buy/Sell/Trade/Promote area
  • Evening electronic music performances

Here’s a time-lapse video from a previous Denver Synth Meetup:

Pricing for the event is $20, or $10 if you bring a synth. ‘Early Bird’ ticket pricing is available through February 14th.

See the Denver Synth Meet site for details. A few sponsor tables are also still available.

10 thoughts on “Denver Synth Meet Coming March 14, 2015

  1. They need activities like this in every major city! Seattle had a synthesizer petting zoo this year at Decibal festival and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was able to play an original Minimoog for the first time as well as a Jupiter 4. I also got to experience some great modular gear. So much better than watching YouTube demos. In person I can really judge on whether a synth is for me or not.

  2. Might be more interesting if open up to any electronic form of music making. Getting people exposed to it may just get more involved and grow it bigger and get it out of the underground area it is in now.

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