New Krautpan 8 x 8 MIDI Panner


At the 2015 NAMM Show, Surfin Kangaroo Studio’s Wolfgang Michalowicz introduced the Krautpan (Pancake Version) 8 x 8 MIDI Panner:


The 8 in, 8 out Krautpan lets you control the volume of each of the 8 inputs going to each of the 8 outputs, via MIDI. This makes it possible to create up to 8-channel surround mixes that can be saved and recalled.

It also lets you sequence pan positions, so you can create mixes where sounds move around rhythmically between channels. 


  • Rack Version / 2 units
  • 8 analog inputs XLR / 1/4 inch
  • 8 analog outputs XLR
  • internal 64 volume controllers
  • any input can be routed to any output from Mute to 0dB in 0.5dB steps
  • controlled by midi – usb – dmx – cv – gate
  • independent control of each of the 8 channels
  • fade in – fade out – switching
  • Midi Clock – Midi Note on – Control Commands – System Exclusive Data
  • DMX for synchronize light to the sound
  • put units in a chain to enhance the number of inputs or/and outputs up to 128 channel

Details on pricing and availability of the Krautpan are to come via the Surfin Kangaroo Studio site.

5 thoughts on “New Krautpan 8 x 8 MIDI Panner

  1. I’m a little confused. It says this has 8 channels, but it has a 64 route matrix between 8 in and 8 out. So does it mean that 16 of these units can be chained to provide 128 channels, or that 2 of them can be chained to provide 128 routes. If the former, I am wondering how anyone could utilize 1024 separate audio channels. It is the calling of something a channel when it can still be split into 8 separate paths that makes me wonder what, exactly, are they calling a channel. Also I hope the final model has more visual delineation like that other unit at the top to prevent accidentally plugging into the wrong socket.

    1. As I understand it, there are 8 audio inputs, each of which have 8 VCA’s that control the volume/panning of the signal going into 8 audio outputs.

      At NAMM, Wolfgang had the system configured to use 4 channels, driving a 4-speaker surround setup. This allowed him to use his step sequencer to rhythmically pan up to 8 audio inputs and move them around in the 4-channel space.

  2. Good idea and nice application, but with somewhat limited use I would think. For this device to be interesting (to me at least) all would depend on the following:
    1. Resolution of the volume control with midi. In case of 7 bit resolution I would not be interested, Starting at 10 bit and preferably up to 14 bit (the maximum currently supported by midi) would be required;
    2. The price, of course. It would have to compare, more or less, to the equivalent of two 4×4 analog panners combined with an 8 channel midi-to-voltage converter

    Anyway, I wish Mr. Michalowicz lots of success with this product and be interested for details on it and other new ideas of his 🙂

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