The Vo 96 Acoustic Synthesizer Guitar At NAMM 2015

In this video from the 2015 NAMM Show, inventor Paul Vo demonstrates his Vo 96 Acoustic Synthesizer guitar.

Vo’s approach to acoustic synthesis involves controlled modulation the amplitude of the harmonics in a vibrating object – in this case, guitar strings. So, instead of plucking a guitar string and the sound quickly dying out, you can shape how the various harmonics of the string sustain or even build over time.

At the Show, Vo also introduced the Vo Wand, a new device that’s sort of like an ebow on steroids.The Wand lets you precisely stimulate and control the vibrations within a string. By adjusting the position of the Wand, you can control which overtones of the string’s fundamental frequency are emphasized.

For details on Vo’s inventions, see his site.

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