Inside The Abstrakt Avalon Bassline Synthesizer

This video, via Abstrakt Instruments, takes a look inside the new Avalon Bassline synthesizer – a new synth that builds on the classic Roland TB-303 design. 

Along the way, the video covers the design goals for the Avalon Bassline and also the unique filter cartridge system.

The Avalon Bassline synth is an analog monosynth based on the TB-303. It combines a 100% mirror of TB-303 RevD mainboard, together with a panel board containing additional analog and digital circuitry.

Details on availability and pricing are to be announced. See the Abstrakt Instruments site for more info.

11 thoughts on “Inside The Abstrakt Avalon Bassline Synthesizer

  1. This looks like my kind of device. Sounds fantastic, sensibly upgraded and looks to be designed with passion for the 303. I can see me saving up for one of these but I do hope it is reasonably priced (i.e. “cost plus” rather than “original 303 on ebay less a bit”) and available internationally.

  2. Seen 303s drop in price, i love aciid and make acidtrax for vinyl, using clones and 303s.
    The real machines are not worth the daft prices, the tt bass bott and the xoxbox, are my favourite clones.
    If this is ok priced, I will get one.
    You cant have enough accented notes, long live Chicago and Detroit and respect to these guys,

  3. Bravo! What a well thought out project. Even the routing of the traces replicate the 303 design but he still manages to improve upon it and increase the feature set. I’d rather have this over an original 303 if they were the same price (and could only have one of course). And the cartridge design is such nice bonus adding to the usefulness beyond just another mono synth.

  4. Oh God not another 303 sound box. That ugly sound sux and is garbage. Wake up people that sound should be illegal, it’s so over.

  5. Each to their own. I personally love a well-written acid tune and it genuinely gives me goosebumps as the filter slowly rises and shrieks. Like every instrument, you can us it well and you can use it badly.

    Anyway I hope the price is nearer to that of a comparablle (in terms of tech, not sound) monophonic analog desktop module.

  6. I am interested in this , but this company hasn’t given a price yet and they are telling us what a great ‘premium’ product it is.I imagine this is to try to soften the blow on the price.Their website as no pricing on there and It seems daft to be on the verge of the thing being produced , yet no costing in place.
    There is a lot of competition, TB 303. Xoxbox,Mode Machines, Bass Bott,RolandTB 3, Acid lab,Future retro. I do hope it’s a good price .
    It is good that there are more clones on the market and I do think that each one has it’s own strengths.

  7. Guys, regarding price, budget a grand. Seriously. If this is what you want, wake up, its aint gonna be $600! Budget a grand, spend a little less and enjoy the product of a man obsessed with creating the best 303 ever. This is premium level stuff. Like Buchla modules for $800 – 1200 EACH, or a Ferrari, etc.. Everything made to a technical performance spec, not to a cost point.

    It could be $1200 -they’ll still sell out in the first week, no doubt.

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