Trogotronic Intros 669cv Bosshog Mini Synth


Trogotronic has introduced the 669cv Bosshog Mini Synth, a new three-oscillator synth that they call ‘the most untamed sonic provocateur ever offered.’

Here’s the official video intro:


  • 3 Oscillators
  • 3 Master Oscillator Controls
  • 3 Analog Audio Artifact Generators
  • 1 Volume Control
  • 3 Modulator Patches
  • 4 Light Indicator Array
  • 7 Button Performance Array
  • 7 Switch Hold Override Array
  • 2 One/Quarter Inch Jacks—Input & Output
  • 8 One/Eighth Inch CV Inputs for Modular Compatibility
  • 7 Vactrol Circuits

The Trogotronic 669cv Bosshog Mini Synth is available now for US $375.

31 thoughts on “Trogotronic Intros 669cv Bosshog Mini Synth

  1. If I heard this without knowing what it was, I would have assumed that it was a massive 50lb tube filled Metasonix rig. This thing is BRUTAL!
    Adding this to my “I NEED this but I could never explain why to anyone else” list.

  2. Wonder is it true hardcore analog or is any kind of programmed IC inside?
    It looks like another noise maker box to join the line up

  3. How do these combo single cv/gate plugs work? I am used to CV on one cable, gate on the other.

    Are the combos stereo plugs with gate on one and cv on the other and use a stereo to mono cable to convert? Or is it mono and you are supposed to drop CV to 0V for gate off, which would require preprocessing?

  4. Sounds similar to cacophonator and i can bet is shares similar circuit (6 gens build around 40106 + synchronization with external input).

    1. It be a little bit more than that, after all the cacophonator was just 6 pots and just a few switches, this has just a bit more in it. Plus the c/v input, that something more op-amp based that logic chip .
      I just wondering if there is a program chip inside it would solve allot of circuit issues, just look at a sleep drone

  5. For those of you who enjoyed the demo vid, but don’t have the $400.00 to purchase hardware, there is an awesome free VST that sounds similar in epoch noisiness- JBM Klumpeduns. You can’t input audio, but there are ways around that in all DAW’s. Ask for it by name.

    1. Yeah, but it’s windows, so… useless. For me anyways.

      I know this is different, but did anyone here get the mute synth II. Im still curious about it. I’d assume it ships to the US.

      1. i got it and enjoy it. I want to figure out what else to do to it and how to control the clock better. For now, jamming and then sampling that is the best use for me.

  6. Errr…Texas Chainsaw Massacre immediately came to mind (must be the gloves).
    I could probably get the same results if I wedged a rusty old screwdriver into my existing gear and killed a few capacitors (poor mans’ circuit bending).
    Anyway, I’m sure there are some troubled souls out there who will absolutely adore this box…enjoy!

  7. I love noise but…..this thing kind of bores me so far. For all the buttons and switches and knobs it seemed like it didn’t have much range. Maybe they just demoed it wrong.

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