SoundScaper An ‘Experimental Sound Mini-Lab’ For iPad


SoundScaper is a new ‘experimental sound mini lab’ for iPad, designed for creating unusual soundscapes, atmospheric textures, drones, glitches and noises based on circuit bending ideas.

Here’s  a video introduction to SoundScaper:

SoundScaper Experimenatal Sound Mini-Lab

The oscillators, based on simulating schematics of actual 8 bit lofi sound playback chips, have circuit bending like controls that are ideal for making glitches, noises, crackles and granular sounds. Combined with the filtering and spatial mixing options, you can expand these sounds to create deep and atmospheric textures.

You can add motion and continuous changes to your sounds via low frequency oscillators which can control the filter and mixer parameters.

Controls based on shorting and modifications of standard circuits of sound generating devices usually give random and unpredictable changes that can be very creative. The emulation of these kinds of controls within SoundScaper are very similar to the circuit bending principle but, additionally, have several advanced functions that are not easy to realize in actual devices.

This allows you to make any changes in the virtual circuit on the fly and immediately hear the new sound without fear of the kinds of damage that might occur in a real device as a result of a failed modification.

Here are official audio demos:


  • Three sample-based oscillators with circuit bending like controls.
  • Three LP, HP, BP filters and two range delay for each oscillator.
  • Spatial mixer/reverb with side and distance for each sound source.
  • Three low frequency oscillators for automation mixer and filters.
  • Randomly generate parameters for each oscillator.
  • Built-in library of natural samples, grouped by categories.
  • Scenes for storing and loading all operation parameters.
  • Download additional samples in different audio formats.
  • Upload samples thru Web access, audio clipboard, from another app and iTunes.
  • Supports Audiobus with “State Saving” feature.
  • Inter-App audio compatible.


Third generation of iPad and higher is recommended (especially with Inter-app audio and Audiobus).

SoundScaper is available in the App Store for US $5.99.

25 thoughts on “SoundScaper An ‘Experimental Sound Mini-Lab’ For iPad

  1. i just spent about 15 minutes playing around with this app and was able to get FANTASTIC results out of it. the demos don’t really do it justice. it has a lot of sonic range and isn’t limited to “lo-fi / 8-bit etc…” type sounds at all. i was getting things that sounded like otherworldly wolf howls! great interface design, too!

    HIGHLY recommended.

  2. Working beautiful on my mini 1

    I haven’t figured everything out yet but everything i’ve tried is sounding great.
    Thank you Igor

    1. Put on your dumdum hats kids.
      I tried telling all my friends this when they bought 303’s, now who’s laughing ha!

      1. Yes, those Roland TB-303s are certainly obsolete. That’s why people are lining up to buy them for $3000-4000 a piece on eBay. Yes. Obsolete.

  3. This is a really creative and well exectuted piece of software. Interesting interface for making unique timbres quickly. Thanks!!!

  4. This thing is super fun. If you like pressing randomizer buttons and having your mind blown, then you’re set! One of the better noise apps for the ipad.

    1. Yup, I took a chance, I haven’t been using it heavily (or with other apps) but it sure does make some interesting noise! I think I’ll get my $s worth.

    2. working great on my mini (1st gen)

      still undecided on the usefulness/value though. I have to learn more about it.

  5. It’s a great music app, just explore the interface, change settings and see what you create. I created some great soundscapes and drones. I used one in this improv synth jam – you can hear it clearly in the start and end of the jam.
    It’s worth 5 bucks for sure.

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