Bleep Labs Intros Rad-Fi Synth Kits


Today, Bleep Labs opened up pre-ordering for a new breadboard audio electronics development system, which they’re calling Rad-Fi.

The Rad-Fi system is a collection of audio electronics kits that work independently or together, are “super mod-able,” and that teach the fundamentals of making analog and digital electronic devices.

The initial set of kits include the Rad-Fi Base; Glitch Delay; and the Patchable Synthesizer.

Bleep Labs explain the new offerings this way: “The idea is to make some kits that wouldn’t work well as finished PCBs and also teach people how to make their own analog and digital electronics on the way.”

The Rad-Fi kits come together without soldering and require no previous knowledge about electronics, Arduino, or synthesizers. Kits come complete with detailed instructions for the beginner, along with schematics, code, and “hacking guides” for the more advanced user.


The Rad-Fi System Base, above, is designed to be the foundation for the other Rad-Fi kits. It has a power supply and three breadboards on which to build the other kits.

Here’s a demo of their Patchable Synthesizer:

Here’s a demo of the Rad-Fi Glitch Delay:

Pricing and Availability

Bleep Labs’ Rad-Fi kits will begin shipping in late March, and pre-orders are being taken beginning today. The Rad-Fi Base is priced at US $35. The Glitch Delay kit is available for an introductory “early bird” price of $60, and the patchable MIDI synth kit is on sale for the introductory price of $72 through March 1.

Information about additional components and combination kits, ordering, and technical details are available at Bleep Labs’ website.

7 thoughts on “Bleep Labs Intros Rad-Fi Synth Kits

  1. Just checked the site you will save a few bucks, just a few.
    The rad-fi patch-able looks like a great start to making a crazy circuit bent module though

    1. But little bits big draw is easier to connect (magnets) so hopefully they can lure them into then those who want more flexibility can go this route.
      One downside is that littlebits does not offer a simple synth kit setup, something that is under a hundred. Something like an oscillator and step sequencer with power and out

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