12 thoughts on “Live Acid Synth Jam

      1. Hi James

        That’s the Elektron Monomachine. In this setup we use it as FX for the TB-3 and for some extra bass lines and percussion. It’s similar to the newer Elektron Analog Four, but instead of analog , the Monomachine offers different Digital Synthesizer models (like FM, subtractiv, C64 SID, Formant, digital waves) plus a FX Unit. It features 2 Inputs, so you can send an external instrument thru the Monomachine.

  1. Nice piece of acid, nice sounds, lovely string sound. a more aggressive sound is more to my liking but this is nice and trippy sounding……..hats higher in the mix and heavier kick would do it fo me, but all in a a really good track , and well executed.
    10 out of 10.

  2. My God, stop fidgeting with the knobs, let the music have a chance to work for you, this is not by a mile minimal and anyway it sounds rather like a run of the mill mismash (=BORING), almost like a demo for some godawful 90’s groovebox. Sorry.

    1. Listen with your ears, not your eyes. The knob twiddling blends. I like it. It reminds me of old sasha, perfecto and carl cox type business

    2. what a meanie, if you don’t like it then watch and listen to something else maybe? why spew the hate if you don’t dig it either, is it so hard to go check something else out and keep the negative hate from spewing out onto the web?

  3. Hi Percivate

    It’s not a description of the style, it’s just the internal track name. We only had 3 weeks preparation time for a one hour set and we forgot to change some song names. “Minimal” just means, not too many tracks at the same time / beat not too dense (as a memo to ourselves) 😉

  4. @autonom: dude you really should try consider to tune your comments, you may not like the music but there is effort going into this kind of thing. take your insulting comments and move on if you don’t like it. music is supposed to cheer you up, i don’t know what your problem is. these guys are having a good time and if you don’t appreciate it, you can always skip to next video avaikable to you…. damn i hate it when people act like they are the only one who knows their sht.
    thanks for the track guys… have fun.

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