Giant Android Lemur MIDI Controller

Here’s an example of the Android platform getting put to great use: a giant Android-based Lemur MIDI controller. 

The video, via daz Studio, is rough – but it demos the flexibility of putting Liine’s customizable MIDI controller app, Lemur, on a big touchscreen.

Here’s what he’s got to say about the technical details of this setup:

Lemur App setup on a MX III MX3 Android 4.4 Quad Core TV Box and a HannsG HT231HPB 23 inch Widescreen Touchscreen LCD Monitor.

I am running a 32 channel touchscreen mixer using 4 Mackie Universal Control remotes all talking to Cubase 7.

11 thoughts on “Giant Android Lemur MIDI Controller

    1. The EQ could be a lot nicer too. A bit abstract the way the layered approach works out on lemur as opposed to say native EQ in FL with win7 MT

  1. I prefer old school.
    Analog mixer , analog comp, with hybrid sinthesys ( digital and analog sinth; guitar, sampller, etc etc).
    Simply because i like techno trance music scene of 90ties.
    P.S. I’m waiting for an analog computer-sinth-hybrid-groovebox-modular-expandeble-open source !!!
    Ah, ah, ah

  2. Back to the subject in hand. I think this is a great idea. Now that android devices are getting more powerful, there should be more stuff like this.

  3. is it me or is the touchscreen twice the size the work screen?
    Great idea, but I would put physical knobs along the sides and have the screen tell you what it is doing. Sometimes I find touchscreens can be quirky when tweeking setting

  4. The benefit of this isn’t replacing knobs and sliders, it’s being free of a fixed, static control surface.

    So, if you don’t think rotary pots make sense on a touchscreen, open Lemur and replace them with the control of your choice. And have as many control screens as you need.

  5. Well I’m impressed anyway! Looks like a lot of hard work went into configuring that, and it would also might an attractive performance interface.

  6. Will the usual androud latency be present? Slide on screen and the physical knob responds 3 seconds later. If you set latency to lowest then that delay time drops to…… 3 seconds.

  7. I used to be a fan of touch screen everything but it seems like that faze passed. I rather have a cool digidesign/avid control surface as main and maybe something touch friendly on the side.

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