Takete Advanced Audio/Visual Performer For iOS (Sneak Preview)

Refined Stochastic Technology’s Jonathan Papert shared this preview of their upcoming iOS app Takete

Takete is described as ‘an advanced audio/visual performance tool for iOS.’ Takete offers fine control of both audio and visual elements, letting you create immersive and tightly integrated audio visual works.

Here’s an overview of the basic functionality in Takete:

Pricing and release date for Takete are to be announced, but Refined Stochastic Technology says it is ‘coming soon’.

4 thoughts on “Takete Advanced Audio/Visual Performer For iOS (Sneak Preview)

  1. Awesome! Can the performance be saved so that the video session can be recalled? Or audio and video saved independently for post processing / mixing?

    Also, it would be incredibly useful if the visual performance could be mirrored on another device, such as a separate ipad or macbook so that it could be used with a projector without having the mixer, fx, and clips viewable by the ‘audience’.

    There are so many possibilities with Takete, forgive the inquisition. Is it possible to load user video files and user samples? And how about IAA or Audiobus compatibility? Being able to communicate with the outside IOS world by the control of visuals with an external app like Animoog (or Sector 😉 ) through say, an IAA or AB host port would add a whole other level of cool to an already very cool instrument.

    Eagerly looking forward to more news on Takete!

    1. You can find them on facebook as Refined Stochastic Technology, they are super cool, and quick in answers, regarding the video output I guess they do the same as the vj apps around ios, wich just detects the video part and outputs it via a lightning to hdmi/vga adapter

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