Monoplugs Releases B-Step Sequencer 2.1 Update


Monoplugs has just released version 2.1 of their B-Step Sequencer for iOS, Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi and Linux.

B-Step Sequencer is a step sequencer for creating melodic loops, chord progressions, arpeggios, drum grooves and basslines.

Here’s what’s new……

Major New Features:

  • Introduced: Basic AudioBus support.
  • Introduced: Data/File Manager
    • Download free projects, colour themes or chords on the fly
    • Project im- & export via text or mail
    • Share your projects at the Monoplugs servers
    • Remember your projects: Assign audio samples and comments to your projects.
  • Introduced: Embedded User Manual.
  • Introduced: Colour Styler.

Other Major Changes:

  • Added: Support for new Hosts like Nuendo, Energy XT2, Studio One…
    Fixed: Transport issues e.g. in Cubase
    Fixed: Host can crash on shutdown.
  • Introduced: MIDI FX Audio Unit for Logic you can use B-Step as MIDI FX now.
  • Official Yosemite compatible
  • Multitouch: Windows fixed.
  • Improved: Reducing CPU usage for better performance on older devices
  • Improved: More stable clock generation.

The update also includes many other minor changes and fixes.

Pricing and Availability

Monoplugs’ B-Step v. 2.1 is available now for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux & Raspberry Pi.

11 thoughts on “Monoplugs Releases B-Step Sequencer 2.1 Update

  1. Couldn’t spot the limitations of the trial but ended up downloading to play around with it. For anyone else interested you can’t load/save projects or export/import. Apart from that it all appears to work and more than enough to play around with.

    Thinking about getting it, but $10 for iPad vs $58 for PC version. Is there $48 worth of difference?

    1. nope. just price discrimination based on market segmentation. a lot of people with ipads wont think twice about the $10 price. people on PC are spoiled for choice… so if they wanted this… they wouldn’t mind paying more. at least i think that is their reasoning. or maybe they think PCs cost more so PC owners have more disposable income…. though the inverse is true for me.. i own a PC… wish i had an ipad… but don’t… because im too poor. haha

      1. Depends on developer too, they may have had to get an outsider to help and they are trying to recoup the loss for doing that

      2. Takes a lot of momentum (so, time+money) to convert a web visitor into a customer. Takes considerably less to turn an app store browser into a customer. 5 times less? I dunno but easily likely. Two taps and start using is just a lot different than getting out your CC and downloading and installing and drivers and …

        I own and use it on my iPad. It’s a great sequencer.

    2. For developers, App Stores mean they don’t lose any significant money to piracy, and Apple or Google handles all infrastructure to support the transactions, international sales, monetary exchanges, etc.

      The developer has to support all that stuff for the desktop platforms, plus piracy.

      With tools like MIDI LE becoming available that let you use an iPad as a wired MIDI peripheral, these software sequencer apps become a lot more interesting.

      1. Al though there is some risk in the app market for knock off copies (more of problem in games) there was that company a few years ago that I believe apple kick of iTunes because their knock off rating were falsely generated by giving users a discount price for a 5 start review

  2. This looks like a lot of fun, but maybe the best thing about it is the Linux compatibility. More of this from every dev, please.

  3. Had some issues installing it on the Raspberry Pi 2 at first. Seems to work OK on raspian but did crash twice on me. Probably due to my Pi2 power issues (overclocked, backpowering from a usb hub w/ wifi and a wiresless keyboard/mouse…) Still loads of fun. Might install it on my main Linux rig w/ Opensuse to get a better experience.

    FYI, if you are forcing audio out through the HDMI to a television, you might have set up the audio to hear anything. The scaling is usable, but you might be squinting a bit if you are sitting on a couch across from a TV.

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