Free MS-20 MKII Ableton Live Pack

korg-ms-20-mkiiCluster Sound has released a free Ableton Live Pack based on the vintage Korg MS-20 MKII.

MS-20 is a free multi-sample Live Pack reproducing the sound of the vintage Korg MS-20 MKII, the second generation of the super-star analog synthesizer released in 1978.

MS-20 is a free Live Pack, based on 28 multi-sample recordings obtained by sampling several VCO, VCF and Ring Modulator settings. The included looped samples (each note of 4 transposed octaves) have been packed into 46 Instrument Racks, with dedicated controls and 48 Sampler Devices for easy customization.

NOTE: This Live Pack is delivered as .alp file and can be opened by Live 9 owners only.

It’s a free download, but registration is required. See the Cluster Sound site for details.

via Antonio Dilillo

12 thoughts on “Free MS-20 MKII Ableton Live Pack

  1. Can it really be called free if you have to have a program in which you have to buy in order to get the freebie?
    I just find this to be a sticky point on the word free

    1. strange to see the negative marks.
      really how many times have you seen free, then see the fine print to see something else first,.
      This one its obvious to see it is for a program but have seen others which have to go though some hoops

    2. It’s still free, whether or not you use it. Now if you want to argue about providing them with information to create a login as a cost, I’ve got no problems with that.

      1. well the point comes to that this oblivious needs to be in Ableton Live , but I have come across allot of freebies which lure in to their site or page.
        Or how about we give you a second can for free,,just pay shipping and handling
        Just trying to point out an old adage ” no such thing as a free lunch” and how the word free can be misleading sometimes

    1. uhm i just pointed that out and go booed for it.
      And my point was how much the word free can be misleading. not so much here but elsewhere

        1. He was, as the brits say, taking the piss out…
          he was ‘taking the piss’ there is no ‘out’ unless you say for example,
          he was taking the piss out of pedantic people.

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