Launchpad for iPad Updated With Performance FX

Novation has updated Launchpad for iOS – its freemium loop-based sequencing app – with new ‘Performance FX’.

Performance FX at a glance:

  • New Delay FX and Gater FX, create stunning fills and breakdowns
  • Enhanced Stutter FX and Autofilter FX, add movement and dynamics to your music
  • FX Pads have new animated graphics, focusing you on your performance
  • A new Edit FX screen lets you tweak and perform your FX
  • Track FX routing lets you target fx to specific tracks such as vocals, or drums
  • Fully tweakable FX parameters for deep customization

This update lets you:

  • Use two new FX types: Gater FX and Delay FX
  • Change and rearrange your FX pads with presets
  • Create custom FX pads using a dynamic editing interface for each FX type (In-App Purchase
  • Route the FX pad to particular tracks in your mix (In-App Purchase)
  • ‘Latch’ FX pads

Novation Launchpad for iOS is a free download from the App Store. Sound libraries and additional features, are available as In-App purchases.

15 thoughts on “Launchpad for iPad Updated With Performance FX

  1. >In before everyone complaining about IAPs

    This is freeware. If you can pay 15 bucks for a vst you can pay 15 bucks for some admittedly dope FX options. This App just got way more worth while in my opinion.

  2. Still no midi, no midi clock, no export of your songs, no backups possible, no sync with anything else, no firmware upgrade for mini launchpad…
    2 new effects make you believe you’re so cool with your blinking interface…
    Sorry, but no.

    1. The lack of midi clock is my only problem with this app, and I’m baffled as to why they don’t include it!

      I bought the launchpad S and sold it because with the app it is just a toy. I don’t use Ableton, so I decided a different pad controller would be a better option for me.

      I’m glad they recently included audio copy, this helps me when composing on iPad to hear different parts in context. But without midi clock it is useless as a performance device unless you are a 14 year old who thinks he’s a “dj producer bro”

  3. Hey its free and not too bad way to have some fun making music.
    May not be the most creative setup, but if stuck in a waiting room may be better than throwing birds at pigs.

    1. Sorry, it looks “free” but if you want to really use it, you need to pay addons, (importing your loops for instance) then if you want to really control it, you need the controler mini launch pad, for instance, then you realize that you are stuck with something useless that does not communicate with any other app…Oh, except audiobus right…Good start…
      But no midi…
      Can you imagine, you setup a song, you just can’t even export or make any backup of it…
      So next Ipad, next everything, that’s it…

      Might be cooler to throw birds at pigs finally…At least there’s no questionning about what you really doing… 🙂

  4. still no follow actions…. please somebody tell me what are these grid developers waiting for.
    Give us follow actions, give us realtime resampling of seamless loops that we can fly back into the project in realtime, or even slice up in realtime if we want.

    what are you waiting for??????????

    1. Might wan to check out a different app.
      This one was design for loops to download and play in free time, just look at but option tab.
      Plus i think it just a way to get people to have a look at their more expensive gear

        1. Go though this site it self and check for grove maker type apps.
          plus looks at some of the drum machine one too some of them have extras on top of drums
          And there is allot that you can try.
          May favorite choice in versatility is caustic 3 I have seen people use the PCM synth and drum machine to do pad triggering setups. and is free for windows, free to try on android ( 10 bucks full) and 10 on ipad.

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