Peter Vogel CMI Pro Updated To Version 2.0


Peter Vogel Instruments has released an updated version of its CMI Pro for iPad.

New in CMI Pro 2.0 are 64-bit compatibility, Audiobus 2.1.5 support and the Page 6 waveform editor.

Here’s what’s new in CMI Pro v2:

  • The Page 6 waveform editor lets you draw, flip, rotate, copy, paste, generate and more, like the original CMI II.
  • 64-bit compatible, as required by Apple from February 2015
  • Removes support for the Midi Mobilizer and Akai Synthstation, which are not 64-bit compatible. The CMI App now only supports Core MIDI compatible devices.
  • Audiobus 2.1.5 included
  • If the app crashes, it now automatically submits crash logs (with your permission).

Peter Vogel CMI Pro is available for US $49.99 in the App Store.

14 thoughts on “Peter Vogel CMI Pro Updated To Version 2.0

    1. I like how the crashing is now a listed feature…. I’d read reviews of the previous version being unstable. Now the crashing is a listed feature. Nice.

      1. That line on the app listing now reads “For those rare app crashes, it now automatically submits crash logs to us – with your permission.” – apparently rare(!)
        Still, it’s refreshingly honest of the developers to state that the crash reports are collected with permission from the user – lots of apps just collect data without you knowing.

    2. Keep in mind there is a 10 buck version, which he recommends on the apple page if you are not sure and it has the upgrade to full as an option

  1. I was an early adopter of cmi pro, but after an update, it looks like im downgraded. Is this intentional or is there an isdue?
    Pleade let me know. I worked with ned liben for years and his rig was pretty special. That made me excitted to use the app, years later. Thanks.

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