Utami Release ‘Space Time,’ Max For Live Spectral Effect Suite

Utami has released a new Max For Live plug-in, Space Time, which is a spectral effect suite.

Space Time is a spectral effect suite with a built-in visualizer.  The suite works to create spectral reverb, ambiance, noise, time distortions, and a wide range of effects that can be played in real time.  It has a unique filter system which Utami calls a synesthetic filter which works by converting the sound internally to a picture, and then applying Photoshop-style image filters to it before converting it back to a sound again.

Utami_spacetimeAll the spectral effects are made in Max for Live using Gen, which the product’s developers say means that the device is fast and works on a single-sample level. This allows the user to “create feedback loops out of spectral energy,” as well as give people the chance to modify the complex parts of sound that are “usually too buried under code to get to:” the Space Time user can change spectral phase, the real and imaginary numbers that come out of the spectral transform, and bitcrush numbers that usually can’t get bitcrushed.

System requirements. Utami’s Space Time requires Max for Live 6.1.9 and Ableton Live.  Syphon support requires a Mac.

Pricing and Availability. Space Time costs $7 and is available via the Utami website. The company also has its motion-tracking device (the creatively-named Motion*) discounted right now to $10.

*Motion allows the user to control any knob in Ableton Live with anything you can put in front of a webcam (your hands, your body, your head, flashing lights).

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