Ken MacBeth Demos The MacBeth Elements Synthesizer

 shared this video, which captures synth designer Ken MacBeth discussing and demonstrating his new Elements synthesizer at Schneidersbuero.

Here’s what Schneider has to say about the video:

Scotsman Ken Macbeth was the inventor of the probably biggest analogue synthesizer of nowadays, his model M5. His latest masterpiece – the ELEMENTS as introduced 2014 on the european Musikmesse in Frankfurt is now nearly done and will be finished with some first models at least in 2015.

Here he is giving a statement of the status of production and a few examples of the sound for this smart desktop synth. it will be produced probably in very limited numbers as all of his products and will end up as a luxury smart synthesizer with lots of Character. Get an impression now.

15 thoughts on “Ken MacBeth Demos The MacBeth Elements Synthesizer

  1. Wow that sounded incredible – really diverse tones and wonderful effects. At one point it seemed to be making a high pitch acoustic piano type tone.

    I wonder what kind of proce these will go for?

    EDIT: 5000 Euros! Way too much for me unfortunately – nevermind then :C

  2. Schneiders Buero has sneaky hidden scroll bar. I was quite aggravated for a few seconds thinking it was Windows 8 and iPad only. As for the Elements, it has a nice ’60s sound. I guess if you have a steady income five grand is not such a bad price.

  3. 5000.- might seem a lot of money for this synth, but it’s worth every penny, a instrument for a lifetime made with love for music and of solid craftmansship!

    1. I think its about time they start giving guitar players a taste of this mini-trend.

      Fender ukelele and Gibson banjo anyone? No, didn’t think so.

    1. Your comment might help that guy that’s trying to decide between getting a high-end hardware analog synth and a virtual analog.

  4. Great synth, great sound, have been patiently waiting for a year. Guess I’ll look forward to it actually coming out in 2016 – probably. I will buy one when it does finally arrive and no more final touches are required.

  5. Was going to buy this, and still might.

    Decided on a Chandler Zener Limiter instead. If you think 5k is crazy for a synth, look at the price of high end compressors. That macbeth is a bargain.

  6. It’s a big leap based on a room recording of the synth, but it appears to me he really nailed the sound. So much more alive and organic than anything that has come out in the last 30 odd years. It’s lot of money, but still a very good price for a new synth with such an enormous amount of character.

    Definitely on my ‘when my ship comes in’ list!

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