Xils-Lab Releases miniSyn’X For Mac, Windows

Xils-Lab has introduced miniSyn’X, a new software synth, for Mac & Windows, that emulates an 80’s Italian polyphonic analog monster. 


  • Two synth engines that can be combined in 3 modes (Double, Split, Single )
  • Single Panel GUI for each Synthesizer enginUp to 10 Oscillators per patch (Cumulative OSC technology, 2 x 5 )
  • Modelled DCO Oscillators, PWM for each waveform, 0DF PWM Algorithm
  • Multimode analog Filter using 3rd gen 0DF Filter technology (up to 2 per patch )
  • Modelled Ultra Fast Envelope Generators (up to 4 per patch )
  • Smart Load TM exclusive technology to create new interesting sounds quickly
  • Gang Edit in Double and Split mode
  • All parameters automatable via Midi Cc control (including Sequencer parts )
  • Three mode BBD Analog Chorus Unit
  • Only Serial Protected

miniSyn’X is available for 45€ (around $49) through April 17, 59€ (around $65) thereafter.

8 thoughts on “Xils-Lab Releases miniSyn’X For Mac, Windows

    1. Towards the end it says the track is made up of 5 instances of this synth with drums from some other app. Would have been good to say that in the beginning because I wondered the same and you currently have 7 up votes. 🙂

  1. I think this is a way smarter way to create a gateway tiered product for the full Syn’X. For instance, the PolyKB Player was barely more than a preset player, but this is a full synth that could provide a lot of use for certain users. It fits a hobbyist budget and feature set, yet provides “that sound” for more experienced users at a price that is more of an impulse buy for them.

  2. I’ll agree being underwhelmed by the audio in the video, but I am usually (~90%) impressed with the Xills stuff once I get my hands on it. The polykb sounded great to my ears, the xils3 etc…. I like the fact that they are approaching some of the more rare synths of yesteryear, and the quality has aways been superb….. This one doesn’t hit my gearsluttiness factor as much admittedly, but if there is a demo available, I’m always willing to give Xils a shot…..

  3. Never understood this logic of spending more time and effort to produce a crippled version of an existing product, to then sell at a reduced cost – more time and effort for less is a waste of anyone’s time and money. Just don’t do the extra work and reduce prices, job done – or doesn’t that fit into the greed paradigm? It reminds me of when AMD did 3 core processors, which was a quad core processor with one core cut off, it therefore costed them more time and money to make a crippled product, that in real terms would cost more than the Quad core due to R&D, yet sold at a reduced price. But that is hardware, this is software, which makes it worse, as you don’t have a hardware cost, the cost of making crippled software is then therefore absorbed by the whole product range – a pointless exercise that serves the interests of no one involved other than marketing the real un-crippled software that they didn’t spend any extra effort on. I refuse to engage with any company that conducts itself like this.

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