Kevin Saunderson Samples The Ford Assembly Plant

Ford features Detroit techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson in this new promo, which follows Saunderson as he samples sounds at a Ford Assembly Plant. 

Unfortunately, the 3:03 video talks a lot about how Saunderson connects with the sounds, without delivering on that promise and showing him recontexturalizing the sounds for techno music.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

via aymat

20 thoughts on “Kevin Saunderson Samples The Ford Assembly Plant

    1. RE — “I am Kevin Saunderson, corporate shill.”

      Naaaa.. totally missing the point .. Kevin has had some success in his music genre..
      corporate shill nope .. thats too far ..

      LinearQuest .. I think your comment is off the mark .. by quite a bit, check his discgography its pretty much legend status … so Ford let a Detroiter into their machine plant// doesn’t mean he is their shill .. nor does it mean anything than Kevin making a connection between Detroit Machines & Detroit Machine Music..


    2. Artists have a right to make a living. Period. I wish more companies would step up and support the arts instead of hiring multimillionaire sports personalities.

        1. you have some kind of evidence that OP runs out to buy Nikes on the regular, or is this statement just doubling up on the stupidity?

    3. I think the man was simply making a commercial for Ford motor company. I suspect he got paid, which is good, because music and entertainment is his business, it’s how he feeds himself and family. Ford has strong deep cultural roots in Detroit. You would know what i’m talking about if you grew up in and around it.

      If he was doing a 7-11 or McDonalds commercial, I would be shocked. That wouldn’t make any sense. Leave the man alone.

  1. Argh, lame as shit. I dont mind the concept, working with the factory, finding sounds etc thats great and the music will probably be good but the whole linking the music to the product is just bullshit. Here man, take this pile of money and well you down there gobble him as well

    1. For real. Kevin will kill it like he always does. That man is a fucking legend. Tracks he made in the 80s still sound relevant today. No one is allowed to dis the man who gave us the “Reese bass”.

  2. I did that when I worked at the Nissan plane in Canton, Mississippi. Lots of cool sounds come from banks of pneumatic solenoids

    1. I’d really like to hear something you’d made with the samples (or even the samples themselves, if you don’t mind). The original video + 2 or 3 other people have mentioned sampling a factory so far, but still no tracks :/

  3. Juan Atkins was the founder of Techno. Saunderson was right there though with May and Atkins. Atkins coined the Term. I think its more valid that they founded Detroit Techno which is the blueprint for most techno made today. If you go back, the Detroit three were inspired by Chicago mostly. Juan was the inventor, May the innovator and Saunderson the Elevator.

  4. The point is, anyone could go into a factory and have fun recording this. The fact it’s a ‘known’ artist implies ‘publicity stunt’…makes it an easy target for critique.

  5. I work in a plastic injection molding factory that makes smaller parts for cars. I’ve already done this before. Only difference, he was invited, I could get written up.

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