19 thoughts on “Sounds Of The Modal Electronics 002 Synthesizer

  1. The keyboard/synth looks awesome, but this is easily one of the most unimaginative, dull demo videos he could have for the thing. Give it to Klaus Schulze (re: Ion, Andromeda) and let’s hear what it can do.

  2. I love the way the 002 sounds and I really want one, however it’s just not affordable. I hope they release a smaller version, perhaps with less voices for cheaper. I’d be all over it.

    1. Totally agree.
      The various demos I’ve heard for this machine haven’t convinced me, considering its price.
      Maybe someone out there can try and change my mind by producing a demo worthy of its’ aesthetics…’cause that’s all I’m seeing at the moment!
      How many MFB Dominion 1’s (and all their connectability) could you buy for the price of one Modal 002, enough said.

      1. What a head-scratchey comment… Surely if a monosynth is what you long for then a poly won’t make fiduciary sense no matter how nice the patch programming is.

        The pricing is much more logical on this side of the pond, where most US synths get a hefty markup anyway. At £3000 to the Proph 12’s £2100 it is still definitely niche, but not insanely so. I expect it will sell reasonably well here on personal and local servicing and the collaborative options. It’s a very nice sounding poly.

        If I were back in the US it would look like a much more risky proposition, having to get it serviced might be a nightmare. With the dollar so strong right now, a modest US price drop would be reasonable.

        1. As most of us gear freaks, I am always longing for many synths, both mono and poly (or para!). My comment was not about a direct comparison between the 2 machines, but about which ones are appealing for my available cash.

    2. Sort of like comparing a Monotron to a Buchla, isn’t it?

      The Dominion 1 is certainly an interesting monosynth, but the 002 is a very powerful polyphonic synth that actually implements some cutting edge ideas.

  3. Brilliant patches! Amazing synth! There is an airiness and aliveness to this synth that I really dig. This machine breathes!

  4. It is a very underwhelming demo, for a very high cost synth. It sounds like a general midi soundset rather than what it claims to be. It is good to see synth manufacturing in the uk so I can not knock it for that .
    I am very happy with Dave Smith Synths and for me studio equipment has to be good but cost effective.
    I hope this company does some better demos in the near future. Although I am someone who would not spend that much on one synth, as much as its budget constraints it is also from a studio perspective it is not worth it. The secondhand market is saturated with great gear at great prices.
    Does this company have intention to make some smaller rack mounted gear?

  5. not impressed at all. Not with the specs, the design choices, or the patches in the demo.

    I still don’t understand why this synth is soo expensive. It doesn’t do anything new really… doesn’t have specs to drool over… kind of reminds me of an iPad app I have (Cassini). It’s like the designers have been in a cave for the last ten years, completely ignorant of what the competition is like. It’s being marketed as some kind of uber super duper synth… Its so unrealistic and hyped from a pure features per dollar perspective… i genuinely wonder who the hell is going to buy this thing.

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