Electro Jam

This video, via mootbooxle, captures his studio performance of Arprider – described as a ‘a Electro Jam’.

It’s half synth jam and have technical discussion. Technical details below:

This video demonstrates how the Q175 Arpeggiator syncs perfectly with a computer DAW environment. Logic Pro 9 is sending a pulse of 16th notes from a software synth which is being fed to the Q118 Instrument Interface module, which then feeds the Q175’s Clock Input.

It syncs perfectly to the computer’s tempo as Moot grooves along to a sampled Oberheim DMX drum machine.

2 thoughts on “ Electro Jam

  1. reminds me of my days at music university when these brain-damaged students would sit there and listen to a glass bottle dropping on the desk for 3 hours and call it music. what a joke.

    im sure it took ages to set up tho.

  2. It reminded me of a lovely vintage synth’s oscillator arpeggiating alongside a driving little beat! Nice work. I doubt it took more than a few moments to prepare the midi and patch the cables.

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