Paul Schreiber Interview On The A+M+T Podcast

paul-schreiber-motmSynth designer¬†Paul Schreiber¬†(Synthesis Technology, MOTM) returns to Darwin Grosse’s Art + Music + Technology podcast to talk about synths, synth design, the death of Radio Shack and more.

Here’s what Grosse has to say about the interview:

If you would give me an hour and ask me how I’d want to spend it, talking with Paul Schreiber would be at the top of my request list. I appreciate his sense of humor, his strong feelings about thing, and his willingness to share openly about any subject that might come to mind. I also appreciate that, by having been a ‘hobby’ synth maker, he has always been able to stay at arm’s length from the grittier side of the industry.

Some of this podcast covers similar ground to my first discussion with him (podcast 13), but as is the case with Paul, each discussion about something reveals new information. And Paul is a treasure trove of information, having been there at the crusty beginnings of the new modular revolution.

You can listen to the podcast via the embed below or at the A+M+T site:

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