The Sound Of Empty Space

The Sound Of Empty Space Рan audio installation by composer/sound artist  Рexplores relationships between microphones, speakers, and surrounding acoustic environments through controlled, self-generating microphone feedback.

According to Basanta:

In each of the interrelated works – pieces which are equal parts banal, inventive, and absurd – sound is revealed not as a distinct object or autonomous event, but rather as a mutable product of interdependent networks of physical, cultural and economic relations.

12 thoughts on “The Sound Of Empty Space

  1. Uh…, isn’t this what audio engineers demonstrate everyday?? Oh right, but it’s not in an art gallery surrounded by flaky ‘collectors’…

  2. Reamping inside a large container is something I’ve actually wanted to do. Not make feedback loops. Unfortunately I don’t have the know how yet, but it doesn’t look so difficult. Has anybody here tried something like this? Reamping in strange places/environments (not your typical large acoustic space) with small mics and speakers?

  3. Bore:
    Good artist statement-
    Proves that the artist is College educated , sells his idea.
    Goo salesman , but the art buying world dissapears very day, in direct relation to a widening economic gap.
    Difficult to accept unchallenging work, in an age of extreme discomfort and truth searching –
    Should I be upset that sound art is vapid? Should you?
    Can our world and it’s important events be questioned through sound?
    Certainly not in this BS way.
    I look forward to when.
    I look forward to you all expanding and abandoning the tech-centric explorations.
    Why must sound relegate itself to obscurity , of it’s own accord-
    Breathe , reach, and think.
    You all posses great knowledge in technical ways; there’s no need to think beyond that-
    Start creating if you don’t believe in vapidity.
    Start realizing the art thag deserves to exist, the messages that deserve a medium.

  4. fk it I’m going sample it and chuck it in with all the tape hiss I use to make my crappy beats…. flying lotus here I come.

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