Output Debuts SIGNAL Pulse-Generating Instrument

Output have announced the release of their new, powerful pulse engine, Signal. This software instrument, created for use with Native Instruments’ Kontakt, focuses on generating pulses, combining “the warmth of fat analog and digital synths” with “the beauty of organic instruments.”

Output_SIGNAL_boxWorking from the premise that “nearly all music is centered on a pulse,” Output, who also created the REV software instrument, gathered a team of 70 designers and developers to build an instrument “that pushes beyond conventional limits of synths and samples.”

The new instrument features a 40GB library of multi-dynamic and round-robin samples. Allowing for a wide range of combinations of these synths and instruments across multiple layers and rhythms, along with the underlying step sequencers, arpeggiators, LFO’s and Signal’s proprietary tape looper, the Signal user can create wild new sounds.

The Signal interface was designed with a beginner’s ease of use, right out of the box. More experienced users, looking to dive into more complex effects, mods and sound design, will find the Advanced section of Signal complete with all the depth one would want.

Output_Signal_dark_clacksKey Features Include:

  • 500 Pulse Instruments for instant playability
  • A massive array of content – 40GB including analog synths, digital synths and organic instruments
  • Up to 4 separate pulses at one time
  • All pulses lock to tempo
  • Rhythms: Looper, Step Sequencers, Arpeggiators, LFO’s
  • 4 central MACRO sliders unique to each of the 500 Pulse Instruments
  • Effects control globally and per layer
  • Convolution reverb engine
  • Advanced mode for access to all parameters
  • Copy and paste settings between layers
  • Smart tagging preset menu
  • Simple design and ease of use

Pricing and Availability. Output Signal ($199 US) is now available for purchase from the Output website, as well as via authorized Output resellers worldwide. For product specifications, system requirements and additional product information, check out the Output site.

16 thoughts on “Output Debuts SIGNAL Pulse-Generating Instrument

  1. Wierd, I thought ciggarettes had been long since banned from product advertisments!?
    Haven’t people been blending Synth’s and “Organic” instruments for ages – what is an “Organic” instrument anyway – do they mean acoustic perhaps?
    Dreadful choice of “music” to boot – pop-step or whatever its called.

  2. Looks nice and look forward to hearing more. If it really does levitate small objects on my desk then it’s a no-brainer. 🙂

  3. It’s fun watching marketers try to make computer music producing sexy. Levitation, hot wet women, etc. makes that knob twist he does that much more intense.

  4. Given how great REV was, this will be hard to live up to, but they have great design, generally good taste, I hope this is more then an EDM machine, and this is one dev I will give the benefit of the doubt…. Hope it’s great, can’t wait to hear more….

    1. not sure why making a positive statement about previous releases and wishing the developers well requires “down votes”…. but ok….

    1. I’m in.

      And the plugin is hands down awesome.

      It’s like the electronic version of NI Emotive Strings and their phrases, except with this, you get four pulsating corners to have sex in and amazing control over the mood lighting.

      Let’s see Emotive Strings do that for $200 US!

      The intern just seems like a perk at 36.

      At any rate… Get ready to pull some hair. REV was just the start.

  5. Fantastic! Between this and Roland’s new cowbell instrument my music will finally levitate things on my desk.

  6. Huge content libraries are a kill switch for me these days. Am I the only one who sees a claim like “features a 40GB sample library” and thinks “you will loose another 40GB of hard drive space, and only ever effectively use 128mb of the content in it”? Honestly, I’d rather see the price of these sorts of tools come down and see the “content” as in-app purchases. That way cool tools like these would see greater reach and take up far less space. The people who want to buy tools can buy tools, and the people who want to buy content can buy content.

  7. I get the impression from a lot of this new stuff that anything not produced for the dance floor might as well not exist. What a stunningly homogenized world this is becoming. Praise Ford. T

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