10 thoughts on “TTSH (ARP 2600) Synth Jam

  1. Nice Jarresque/Foxxesque track.
    Funny how things come back around in this world like the aforementioned music, analog, modular and anything ‘vintage/retro’.
    Just saying this ’cause I saw the new Ben Stiller film yesterday that hits on this point quite nicely…the old b*stard that I am!

  2. Fantastic song! I know a fellow with an APR 2600, and they seem like something that could consume like a day doing a patch, but it’d sound bloody spectacular.

  3. Great tune and nice to hear , fresh dark sounding and beautiful music. This gives Kraftwerk (boring b’astards) a run for their money. Like the Euro sound in it and melodies. Is it on vinyl?
    Pretty much perfect electronic music from some one into ,
    Detroit Techno,Acid house, Moroder,Eno, Drexciya, Doppler,Cabs, Joy Div,Human League,Throbbing Gristle etc

  4. This is sooooooo much better than that original demo of this synth that appeared on this site a few months ago.

  5. The cleanliness of this synth: If anyone asks WHAT sets it apart from the original, this is a prime example to demonstrate. It’s almost digital in the sounds of this track. It sounds nice, make no question about it, but for those who own an original and WANT the grit of the true original, there is no replacement for this. For those wanting a fun synth with a cool look, u can’t go wrong.

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