Cakewalk Combines ‘Best of Rapture and Dimension Pro’ For New Rapture Pro

Cakewalk has announced the new Rapture Pro virtual instrument for Windows and Mac at Musikmesse 2015 in Frankfurt.

Cakewalk_Rapture_ProRapture Pro, based on Cakewalk’s Rapture and Dimension Pro, “combines the best of both” into a unified, “cutting-edge” instrument.

Key features of Rapture Pro:

  • Transform, perform, produce, bend, and twist with new sounds, more FX, and more control
  • Find and prioritize sounds faster with databased browsing
  • Performance Mode gives unprecedented freedom to interact with sounds on stage or in the studio
  • Vector Mixer controls all 6 element volumes simultaneously for creative, real-time mixing
  • Edit and create sounds easily with the clean, expansive, color-coded user interface
  • 6-element architecture is ideal for MIDI guitar
  • Effortless parameter mapping with the new Mod Matrix
  • Each element of Rapture Pro has 7 Step Generators, 7 LFOs, and 7 Envelope Generators
  • 13 crushing distortion FX for massive pads and lead presets
  • 21 sweeping filters for building bass drops and surgical mixing
  • 31 soaring insert FX for each individual element
  • Freely layer synths and samples
  • 2-click MIDI Mapping for quick controller assignments
  • Mix your instrument’s elements with the Mixer Page’s faders, pan, and sends
  • Individual element tone-shaping with a more visual EQ
  • Supports Mac OS X Audio Units, Windows 7/8 VST3
  • Nearly 10GB of sounds from professional sound designers
  • Ability to load individual microtuning files per element
  • Multitimbral mode allows you to play each element individually

Cakewalk_Rapture-Pro-AnatomyAdditionally, Cakewalk developers say Rapture Pro adapts to the user’s personal workflow. Boasting an “intuitive” new browser, helping composers to easily find and preview presets.

For performers, Rapture Pro’s “innovative” Perform mode re-thinks synthesis to connect the studio to the stage with fast, efficient controller mapping for real-time expressiveness.

And for sound design, Rapture Pro’s Edit mode “really shines” with extensive layering and mixing capabilities, combined with the capability to load one’s own samples, making it easy to create authentic signature sounds. You can hear what Rapture Pro sounds like here.

Pricing and Availability. Cakewalk Rapture Pro will be available, late April 2015, through music and sound retailers, Valve’s Steam Store, and the Cakewalk Store. The introductory price for new users is $149 US. Additional details and localized pricing/availability options can be found on the Cakewalk website.

5 thoughts on “Cakewalk Combines ‘Best of Rapture and Dimension Pro’ For New Rapture Pro

  1. Not too partial to the intro video, but I’m very excited that they have revamped Rapture. It’s one of my favorite plugins. I was able to coordinate with a great guy who helped me get my Rapture and Dimensions plugins installed into my OSX 10.9.5 laptop, since Cakewalk refused to update their installer to work on anything past 10.6.x (the plugin works fine, it’s just that the installer had some legacy PPC code). But this will be great to update and have a new version with added capabilities. I think Rapture is probably one of the least appreciated plugins around.

    1. I totaly agree with you Graham. I do not use it much (don’t know why) but when I do I am amazed by the sound of Rapture.

      Like you said it’s probably one of the least appreciated synths which is capable of great sounds and there are plenty of good sounds available.

      When the Pro version is good to my taste I will def. upgrade.

  2. I tested today, and… for me, this new version have a poor sound, like a bad sampling techniques, having Omnisphere like other sample player, this new from Cakewalk has left the quality, the same problem with new Alchemy in the new logic pro 10.2, both sound so plastic and metallic, maybe the career for “be the best” make lose the overall quality in this new products.

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