Roland Eurorack Modular Synthesizers (Musikmesse 2015)

Here’s another look at the new Roland Eurorack modular synthesizers, from Musikmesse 2015.

At Musikmesse, Roland introduced three different Eurorack modular lines:

  • The AIRA System-1m Semi-Modular PLUG-OUT Synthesizer;
  • Four new Eurorack effects modules; and
  • The Roland System 500 – created in conjunction with Portland-based Malekko Heavy Industries – a new line of Eurorack analog synthesizer modules.

For those with short attention spans, the audio demo starts at about 3.46.

via Sound On Sound magazine

16 thoughts on “Roland Eurorack Modular Synthesizers (Musikmesse 2015)

  1. These modules have the potential to disassemble the entire Eurorack community by inviting dude-bro-Roland-aficionados into our scene. I hope everyone sees this and will boycott these modules. Any true Euro-head knows that only boutique manufacturers are worth a shit. Licensed clones designed to destroy our thing. Please vote by not spending your money on these!

    1. That sounds laughably elitist. Are you afraid that making eurorack more accessible will make you and your wizard-crafted rack less special or something? Maybe try to distinguish yourself by making interesting music rather than owning interesting instruments. Ditch the high-school jocks vs nerds complex. The more the merrier, I say.

        1. I honestly couldn’t tell if the op was serious or not. Either way the post is a joke, and either way it definitely articulates a point-of-view that actually does exist in the synth community. I just think happen to ink that point-of-view is regressive.

    2. such elitist crap.

      More euro customers = more products to enjoy. The more mass market appeal and manufacture of these will let the boutique guys enjoy additional sales too. It’s good for everybody.

      Never read so much elitist twaddle in my life.

    3. Rubberjohnny please explain to me why unlicensed clones are so much superior to licensed clones. While there are many unique and original modules out there, there is also a sizable amount of the market which seems to be made up of modules designed with the intent to clone aspects of past devices whether it be oscillators, filters etc…in an unlicensed manner. Why are they so much better?

      1. talk about clones with a screenname of “rubberjohnny” dude puts the same post in many threads just changes the name of the product . don’t waste time on le loserrr

  2. Just feel the fellow demonstrating is not well versed in the equipment, but a lot to absorb in a short time, give him a month and I would say he would nail it. . I like the concept of Roland entering a product in modular but not happy modular users who are not happy with commercially successful companies like Roland (what about the Dave Smith filter) entering the market. My first modular was a system 100 expander module and 4 system 100m Roland modules linked to an ARP 2600.

    1. The lad demonstrating it owns London modular and east wick cases – he’s being playing modulars live for years. I think he’s maybe not that impressed with the modules from Roland so he’s not over selling them.

      Personally I think the digital modules are bulky and costly for what they do – they also come across as being quite limited.The analogue modules are good, simple and most likely fun to use but they are hard to get excited about when you compare them against other developers.

      I like the idea of CV control of digital FX but seeing this just made me want a Korg Kaos Pad with CV/Gate i/o…. Never satisfied ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I posted this earlier but it seems my comment disappeared. The reviewer owns LondonModular and East Wick cases. He has being playing modular synths live for years. I think he may not want to oversell the modules. Considering what the digital modules do they are large, expensive and somewhat limited. The analogue modules look like fun but it is hard to get excited about them when compared to modules from other boutique developers.

  4. Very interesting software patching and loading on the digital modules. The addition of Mallekko’s expertise is a plus as well. The fact that Roland has chosen to enter Euro, complete with it’s module size and power connection is a good thing.

  5. Dear Mr Johnny,
    indeed, I suggest to start some more actions to help our community to reach our utopia. We’ll put a nice fence , with plenty of cv in and outs , around our community to protect ourselves from the ones and zero’s . We only invite dude bro Walter to get us a toe by 3 o’clock, and hand out free cases to create a complete modular environment. So I join you in your boycot. I also joined the boycot against wifi , a potential disassembler of the 3d conversation community, as well as the boycot against grasshoppers , undefined questions and unstoppable pig squeals.
    Happy zipper and a snappy snare,
    The Chihuahua

  6. Great stuff, specially the real analog modules and the Fx ones
    Despite the terrible demo, I swear these things can produce notes in a given scale and not only random pitches ๐Ÿ™‚

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