16 thoughts on “Macbeth Elements Update With Ken Macbeth

  1. . I do not get the idea of the keyboard choice or price. This is expensive , has no memories and seems to be a vanity product. Give it memories, velocity and after touch , drop the price by 3500 and Dominion would have a competitor.

    1. Brilliant. Ken Macbeth is definetly the most interesting of the synth makers!
      The elements looks brilliant and like a lot of hard work went into it. Its way out of my price range, but i am not the target clientel so im not going to moan about it.

  2. Seems like the Brits like to use Vernier knobs. The VCS3 and Synthi have them as well. But I think EMS makes it look better 😉

  3. Ken McBeth is a pleasure to hear, so much passion and patience to build such thing almost from scratch…
    Absolutely great. And Cuckoo enthusiastic apparitions are always a true joy !

  4. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Ken on Friday at Music Messe. His Elements synth, for me, was by far the most interesting and best sounding synth I’ve heard in a long, long time. It is a fat, rich sounding, must-have synth! I own many synths and I tried many more at Musicmesse but nothing came close to the quality of sound I heard coming out of this synth. It’s massive. It’s unique. It’s amazing! It’s definitely my next synth. I can’t wait until Monday to order it! Thanks, Ken, for making such a great synth and thanks for taking the time to show it to me.

  5. Beautiful machine. Memories would be a plus, only because I would find myself noodling with it so much that I would end up with a mountain of patch sheets just to remember the myriad of sounds it’s capable of producing.
    By the way, nicely said Ken…’I’m not defined by analog’.

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