18 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Tear Drop Step Sequencer (Sneak Preview)

    1. maybe its just for prototyping, but i too am worried about those switches. metal flip switches would be nice (and replacable), even the mini style ones.

      i have a few old fx units that (used to) have these style switches on the back, now a small screwdriver is needed to flip them.

    2. The ARP 1601 sequencer has similar slide switches on it, but they are 3 position and feed a set of gate buses. They work well both for setting up patterns and for real time changes.

  1. I like that the gear keeps getting better and better but the music in these videos has been the same since the synthesizer was invented

  2. Good times for sequencer fans!

    I want to see how this compares to the Koma Komplex, which seems like the sequencer to beat.

  3. I’m ok with the switches, it’s the teeny tiny control knobs I’m not so sure about. I understand they also include a step LED but imagine trying to set pitch accurately over 5 octaves with a control that size??? I’m sure there’s a quantiser to help. I would have decent sized knobs and lights in the switches. Get some multicoloured lights to indicate different things.

  4. Is there a larger transparent cap for those pitch knob? Something like guitar volume knob? Then the life could be a bit easier..

    1. Clear Davies 1900H clones are available and fit over these type of LED pot shafts easily,

      Many people have used them on their Korg SQ1 sequencers.

      The, added benefit besides knob size, is that there is a black line to show knob position.

        1. Odd then that almost all sequencers use marked knobs – including this one, though the marks are moulded into the plastic and hard to see.

          The line let you eyeball where a knob is set by looking at it – they don’t give you an exact value for a setting.

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