6 thoughts on “Oberheim OB-X Synth Jam

  1. With so many great, modern synths available nowadays (with warranties), it’s beyond me why anyone would pay thousands of dollars for an OB-X (or OB-Xa or OB-8), especially with its comparatively limited features.

    I would maybe pay $300 – $400 for one of these if it was in good condition.

    1. You can spend $59 to get the OP-X softsynth, which is a brilliant emulation – definitely the cheapest way to gain access to the Oberheim sound.

      1. Also, don’t forget the free vst – OBXD. I use it constantly. I’ve never owned or played a real Oberheim, of course, but for a freebie this one sounds just fine to me.

    2. People buy classic synths for the same reason people buy classic cars. If you can understand that, you can understand this.

  2. Well, with as much reverb as was on those sounds, it was hard to tell the raw character of the OB-X. Until very recently there were not a whole lot of options for analog polysynths. Now though you can get the Prophet-6 or perhaps the Elka Synthex. If you wait out a little more, maybe there will be more analog polysynths on the way. I admit thousands is a lot for an OB-X, but it does sound great and I venture to say better than a VST.

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