Creating The Dr Who Theme At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

This video takes a look at a look at the early BBC Radiophonic Workshop and the creation of the iconic Doctor Who theme. 

The clip features Dick Mills and the late Delia Derbyshire of the Radiophonic Workshop discussing how they brought composer Ron Grainer’s Doctor Who theme to life as electronic music.

The clip comes from the special feature Masters of Sound on the Doctor Who: The Beginning Box Set.

7 thoughts on “Creating The Dr Who Theme At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop

  1. Working with equipment like this should be the entire first semester of any music program. Then, go ahead and complain that your DAW does not have enough features or you cannot find the right app.

  2. love the retort line from river song
    “you know screeching the sound the tardis makes when you materialize, it comes from having the parking brakes on”

  3. It’s a crime that Delia still to this day doesn’t get an opening credit on the show for this iconic – fucking awesome – theme that SHE created from Grainer’s notes.

    Every new series they have a new version, and I just want to hear the original. Or Orbital’s.

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