Sonic Charge Brings Echobode Frequency Shifter + Delay To Mac, Windows


Sonic Charge has introduced Echobode – a VST and Audio Unit version of the frequency shifter and delay effect, originally released in 2012 as a Reason Rack Extension,

Here’s the official video intro for Echobode:

The price of Echobode is $44 (+ VAT). If you already own one or several Sonic Charge products, you will receive an email with a 25% discount code that will work until the last of May.

See the Sonic Charge site for details.

8 thoughts on “Sonic Charge Brings Echobode Frequency Shifter + Delay To Mac, Windows

  1. Nicely complete demo shows LOTS of different tones, not a ton of hype. Looks like quite a flexible and powerful little effect things. Couldn’t help but imagine the hardware version sitting there.

  2. I like Sonic Charge, i think most of their plugins offer a good balance in sound between digital & analog. I already own Permut8 and Bitspeek, and after demoing Echobode last night; i bought my own copy. I thought it would be too similar to Permut8, but no. It sounds ace, it’s easier to navigate, it offers many special sonic flavours and its simple interface helps doing the work faster. From my perspective: Echobode is another Sonic Charge gem!

    I also work with Valhalla UberMod and AudioDamage Mangleverb; with Permut8 & Echobode i feel i got my special delay/reverb FXs covered. Thank Dionysus for these independent developers !

  3. This is awesome. It is essentially the CWO effect on the Teenage Engineering OP-1, which was designed by Magnus Lidström of Sonic Charge. Definitely the coolest effect on the OP-1. I’m getting this for sure.

  4. Dear lord. This does everything. Please, consider making it an ipad app someday, so I can integrate this into my eurorack using an Odio for audio i/o, and maybe some set of hardware sliders via midi. I will sell you my child. Not that I’m going to make music or anything. Just sounds … like … those … the beautiful … sounds …

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