WMD + SSF Monolith Eurorack Modular Keyboard Hands-On Demo


Synth module makers WMD and SSF recently announced that their Eurorack modular synthesizer keyboard system, The Monolith, is now shipping.

The developers are positioning the Monolith synth as a pro level monosynth that also serves as a bridge for newer users to learn modular synthesis.

In this video demo, cuckoo tries out the Monolith, exploring the modular keyboard with some FM patches:

“I found this to be very precise, and with a lot of detail in the sound,” notes Cuckoo, “yet completely powerful in the SUB register. It’s a good one!”

The WMD + SSF Monolith Eurorack Modular Keyboard Synthesizer

The Monolith is comprised of a 37-key keyboard with 104 hp Eurorack rails loaded with the WMD-SSF collaboration line of fifteen modules. Complete with power supply and 25 patch cables of assorted lengths, the Monolith is a fully-functional, completely customizable modular synth with a wide palette of tones that the user can patch from scratch.

The Monolith system includes 15 Modules: two Spectrum Oscillators, a Pole Zero Filter, two ADSRVCAs, an Amplitude Discrete VCA, an S.P.O. Scaling Polarizer and Offset, the Ultrafold wavefolder, the Blender four channel crossfading mixer, a Quad Attenuator, the Toolbox utility module, a Mini Slew function generator, as well as a custom Keyscan module with Aftertouch, Velocity, and MIDI (in, out, and thru).

SSF and WMD have also included a Buffered Multiple, a LVLS output module, leaving 16 extra hp worth of space filled with blank panels for the user’s further customization or future expansion.

Pricing and Availability

The WMD + SSF Monolith Eurorack Modular Synthtesizer System is available now from select retailers for about $2600US.

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