House Music Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Here’s ‘a live electronic music thing’, via .

Technical details below:

  • Access Virus A – Bass, pad x 2, arp
  • LXR – Drums, synth line
  • OP-1 – Controller for vocal pad in Ableton
  • Behringer BCR2000 – Running Zaquencer to Virus
  • Launchpad – Ableton triggering
  • Ableton – Drumloop, vocals, mastering
  • Contains a sample from : IL Padrinos feat. Jocelyn Brown – That’s How Good Your Love Is\

15 thoughts on “House Music Synth Jam

  1. very nice, one of very few “jams” that I’ve listened to all the way through.
    had nice structure and featured much more than just filter sweeps 🙂
    very underworld like , which is my book is v.good.

  2. “Nope nope nope nope nope, not modular and used Ableton.

    Mmmm my own farts, num num num num!|”

    -Collector snobs

  3. I enjoyed that jam. This cat has a very nice rig, too.

    It was nice to see a member of the Access Virus family back in action. I forgot what a great-sounding synths they are. And of course, the retro “Casio VL Tone” look of the OP-1 always makes me grin. The OP-1 is a deceptively-good workstation and well-built, though!

  4. Damn, that was funky goodness! Virus sounded great, wondering why you didn’t use one of the Meeblips for the bassline, though? Agree with Re5et above, nice to see an actual live performance rather than just mutes/unmutes and filter sweeps/delay sends.

  5. thought the jam was well thought out and ticked all the right boxes. nice funk and nice groove. i have the op-1 and stopped using it for awhile because i found that the sampler sums everything to mono and that really bothered me. i will pick it up again because of this video. thanks jeremy!

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