Teenage Engineering PO-12 Mod Adds Arcade Style Buttons

This video, via Ally Mobbs, demos a mod for the Teenage Engineering PO-12 drum machine that adds arcade-style buttons. 


The Teenage Engineering PO-12 Rhythm is a $59 minimal drum synth and sequencer.

Ally Mobbs’ mod puts the PO-12 into a larger case and brings out the switch controls to arcade-style¬†buttons, to improve the drum machine’s live playability:


You can find details on the PO-12 mod at Ally Mobbs site. See the Teenage Engineering site for more info on their Pocket Operator synths.

via cdm

7 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering PO-12 Mod Adds Arcade Style Buttons

    1. This mod is simply a big button added parrallel to every little button. You could add every kind of switch to use it as a trigger and you wouldn’t even need to be very good at soldering. The downside is that the trigger would have to be digital only, so it won’t make sense to add velocity sensitive pads, because no matter how hard or soft you push the trigger, the drumsound would always have the same level.

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