Space – Magic Fly (Cover Synth Jam)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a studio performance of Space’s Magic Fly, by Miguel Fernandes, aka starshipfive.

Space was a French electronic music band, best known for their late 70’s ‘space disco’ music. Here’s their original version of Magic Fly:

“There is a name in synth based music that sounds in my mind from my child time that is Space,” notes Fernandes.

“I heard his themes on a local radio in my country many times ago. For me they are the second best Synthesizer based group in France after Jean Michel Jarre.”

5 thoughts on “Space – Magic Fly (Cover Synth Jam)

  1. Great track and a great version . One of my favourite synth tunes and exposure to it in 77 has given me an addiction to electronic music.

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