Flection, ‘The Ultimate Waveshaper’, Now Available

flectionElephant Candy has released Flection – an app they describe as ‘the ultimate waveshaper for iPad’.

Flection is a precision tool for shaping your sound. It offers high quality stereo audio processing at very low latency, flexible control and multi-faceted visual feedback.

Waveshaping is typically known to work great for guitar distortion, but you can use Flection just as well with drums, vocals or synths.

Here’s the official video preview:

Here’s what Elephant Candy has to say about Flection:

Select one of the more than 30 base transfer functions and adjust it with exceptional accuracy and flexibility. Use the pre-equalizer for additional frequency-specific shaping. No less than six different real-time audio visualisations (including spectrum difference view and I/O audio histogram) give you a complete picture of the audio before and after processing.

Mix between your four favourite shaping presets in performance mode. Full Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatibility allows for the interconnection with other iPad apps.

Flection is available now for US $9.99. If you’ve used Flection, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

3 thoughts on “Flection, ‘The Ultimate Waveshaper’, Now Available

  1. It is a cool concept and a cool demo, but it is not easy to tell what’s happening in the demo.

    Those transfer curves are a cool way to achieve different flavors of distortion and other more dramatic effects.

    I wish the demo revealed more of the range of sounds and let you hear them working so you could decide if the kinds of sounds you get are worth the $10 asking price.

    If it goes on sale for $5, I might pick it up.

  2. @stub:
    Doug from thesoundtestroom.com has a video demostrating different sources and a good range of tones that can be achieved, which may give you more of an idea of what it can do.

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