Synthesized – Movie Teaser

Director Christoph Kresse has released this teaser video for the upcoming film, Synthesized.

According to the official movie synopsis, ‘Synthesized is telling the story of a unique group of artists, who are embracing analog music technology in a digital world.’

Kresse expects to release the film in Spring 2016.

30 thoughts on “Synthesized – Movie Teaser

    1. Was going to ask EXACTLY the same thing. I was going to be impressed if there was another IDOW quality doc so soon.

    2. The preview is edited in iMovie.

      Instead of criticizing it for being low-budget though, take it for what it is – a low-budget look at the world of synthesis.

      Also, do you remember how much griping there was when the IDOW people did a fundraiser to get enough money to make their film look -professional?

        1. It costs zero dollars to correct the text glitch that begins your trailer, and the one halfway through.

          Add another zero dollars to not use footage of a guy scratching his back as your opening shot.

          It also costs nothing to remove the archaic “https://” in your SoundCloud (?) plug.

          Dynamic shots and compelling content are not as easy – but they are technically free for someone with talent and skill.

          This trailer says “Me too! We are doing what has already been done to death, and doing it badly.”

          I’m ignoring my shrink’s advice not to chime in with negativity. Not everyone can or should produce content just because they want to. I miss the era of higher thresholds, gatekeepers and expense.

          1. While I totally agree with most of your technical points, I couldn’t disagree with the sentiment more. Fuck higher thresholds, gatekeepers and expense. If you want to make a movie and you can sort out how to do it, make a fucking movie. No different from if you want to start a band and can sort out how to do it, start a fucking band. If your creation not being good enough for blog commenters is your biggest challenge, you’re winning.

  1. Actually it says that they are “embraching” analogue. #nospellcheck …. and now the video has been removed….

  2. so, synth fanboy makes a “film” about Analog Synths in a Digital World and its trailer shows almost as much digital and it does analog… can we just get over this pointless distinction?

  3. The trailer says “Spring 2016” not 2015. It’s including ftg from Moogfest 2014 so I am not sure what’s going on.

  4. I want to like this, but this trailer makes the final product look like a collection of YT videos. And why are the by-lines flashing up for less than 1 second at a time? Could barely read half of them.

  5. Christoph, I wish you all the best with this. Don’t listen to all the negative bullshit above. Did all those people complain about “I dream of Wires”? I dunno, probably. I like the fact that you’re asking a similar question as to why so many gravitate towards hardware instruments instead of just living ‘in the virtual box’ . I also like the fact that you spoke to Dave Smith, as he is a hero of mine. Wondering if you’ve spoken to Jack Dangers? I don’t care whether your finished film looks commercial and slick or rough and d.i.y, i just care about the content, which i won’t know until i see the movie. Looking forward to it, alot…

  6. The current trailer looks fine to me. Some of the above complaints seem strange. Presumably those refer to the previous version of the trailer.

    1. My comments refer to the current version.

      I should have probably not commented. I’m not trying to be mean as some ego boost, I hate when people are negative just to flex some weird antisocial internet muscle.

      But there are just so many similar documentaries out there, this one seems to break zero new ground, and this trailer is technically horrible. It’s full of mistakes and poor choices. It’s below amateurish, it’s lazy and self-satisfied.

      If this turns out to be made my a terminally ill 10-year-old ESL student, I’ll take back everything I said and say “good job, buddy.” Otherwise, yikes.

      I Dream of Basic Editing Knowledge.

      1. “there are just so many similar documentaries out there”

        WTF? Are you living someplace where there’s a deluge of documentaries on synths that you have to wade through?

        The only great documentaries about electronic music/musicians that I’ve seen in years have been Deconstructing Dad (the Raymond Scott documentary) and Mellodrama.

        IDOW is very good, too. Moog and ‘Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey’ are both well worth seeing, too, but just are not as tightly crafted films.

        If you’ve got suggestions for other electronic music documentaries that are worth seeing, please share them!

        We need more people like Kresse making things and fewer ‘lazy and self-satisfied’ closet critics.

        Kresse’s documentary is a year away and it may be interesting or it may suck. Either way – it’s going to be more interesting than the documentary that you aren’t going to put out.

  7. Modular is cool and hip and for bro’s.
    Anyone who thinks they are an “outsider”, using any If this gear, is fooling themselves- were you an “outsider”, challenging the system , when you learned a fallout boy guitar riff? Or listened to lump bisket?
    I know that many of you felt alone in high school, away, unique, and reached to analog synths jut like those who use do reach for guitars. It’s all the same- a really unique musician would be someone who rejects electronics, and acoustics , in a traditional format-
    Why does an analog synth a revolution make? You all use them. So do I. Who cares.
    These are old instruments and you all sound like 90s kids arguing if Hendrix or Beck or Paige is the better guitarist.

  8. It was cool seeing folks I know in a movie, then it was, “oh, and there I am in the movie, too.” Super weird.

  9. Congrats on giving it a crack CK. just not sure if you should have done the drop frame stuff at the beginning of the trailer because it just gives a further impression of an iphone being used to film or something that cant even keep up with the framerate.

    if i was you, to improve this trailer 1000% i would take a really good Sony HD camera, do some closeup panning shots flying over the top of some of the knobs of the analog gear in the shots you currently are using, group things into 4 or 5 different synth brand scenes, and then cut between the nice clean HD shots that are well lit and bright and clean background, then to the “in the field” footage you have. that would really lift the overall production quality and the lower q footage you have (in the viewers mind) would be accepted as it could be considered like “in the wild” realtime footage of something special and rare taking place. Otherwise the whole thing being fairly low quality can put ppl off as if the whole movie will be like this. and is doesnt have to be of course. Eg your footage of Dave Smith looks really nice and high quality.

    just an idea to improve. Again, keep up the good work tho man

  10. As the tools of any trade become more available to more people, they will use them to create things that may or may not be “great”. If the content is compelling enough, the execution may not matter.

    A quality video can be shot and edited on an iPhone or iPad in the hands of a skilled person. All the gear in the world won’t help a lousy story and poor technique.

    Since it’s so easy to produce video these days, many “producers” don’t have the experience to know when to use a quick cut or when to let a shot linger. Do they still teach the old rule of thumb that a title should be on screen long enough to be read comfortably twice? Do they teach the importance of focus and color balance and exposure control any more? In many cases, I would say no. It’s like the early days of desktop publishing when documents used every available font “because they could”.

    I edited my first “video” on 8mm film about 40 years ago. I’m still learning. So will Christoph. Good luck to him!

  11. I for one am very curious as to why some people are so hot for analog these days. I built a PAiA analog synth kit (they’re still available) in the 70s, went on to use Moog Modulars and others in college, but today’s digital synths (hardware & software) sound so incredible, are so much faster to use, and you can always recreate a sound/voice instantly. Only some of the high-end analog gear may be sonically superior, but that’s usually lost when most people hear it on less than high-end headphones and sound systems. I too obsess over the sounds and voices I create and mix, but am so frustrated when it gets lost out in real world listening environments. Digital is more than good enough sonically, and for me so much easier and faster to put music together with. Modulars are just too hard and time consuming to use well, and too expensive. While there are many exceptions, so much of the modular music created these days isn’t far off from the beeps and boops (and noise) made by Moogs in the 70s. I have a feeling that there will be huge number of modular systems on the used market in a few short years, or sooner, and that most of the modular companies will be out of business. Though, it is inspiring to see little PAiA Electronics still cranking out modulars for over 40 years!

  12. How spoiled are people that say the preview should look more professional!?!?! Fuck off! Who cares????????????? It looks fine to me, and there isn’t even a thousand documentary’s like this made yet, so why put someone down cos you think his editing technique is amateur? Fuck, what a bunch of spoiled brats…..

  13. Hey! What is actually the story with this movie? It was scheduled for Spring.
    Spring is over by now and not a wink?!? Did I missed it?


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