Bob Williams Of Analogue Systems Has Retired

bob-williams-analog-solutions reports that Bob Williams of Analogue Systems has announced his retirement.

Analogue Systems – not to be confused with Analogue Solutions – manufactures a variety of electronic instruments, including the Integrator modular synthesizer system and several stand-alone synthesizers. 

While Williams is retiring, it sounds like his Analogue Systems brand will continue.

Amazona notes that the modular system will live on, thanks to Andreas Schneider of Schneidersbüro (Berlin).

27 thoughts on “Bob Williams Of Analogue Systems Has Retired

  1. Is this really news? How many people in the synth world have heard of this guy? Heck, many don’t even know about Analogue Systems.

      1. Analogue Systems has been around about 20 years. For a long time, they were one of the few companies making modulars and analog gear.

        People that know their synths know that he was making analog synths before it was cool. For a long time, he was one of the few guys doing this stuff.

        If you haven’t heard of people like Williams, Dieter Doepfer, Grant Richter, Paul Schreiber, and Tony Allgood – your education is incomplete! Get Googling!

      2. I didn’t know him by name either (though I know of Analogue Systems), but I also didn’t feel the need to post about it like a tremendous schmuck for absolutely no reason. What the fuck is wrong with you (and socko)? Just baffling how obnoxious some people feel the need to be on the internet.

    1. I tried to ‘Dislike’ the original comment yesterday but there was only one button so it came out as a ‘Like’ which DOESN’T reflect my opinion

        1. Yeah it’s super confusing.

          Cuz green boxes and thumbs up are arcane symbols that no one has used since…the Incans.

    2. Hey, cut the guy some slack. Is he not allowed to express his opinion? Apparently not unless he agrees with you. I never heard of the guy either, and I’ve been into synths for over 35 years. Bob Moog, Alan Perlman, Dave Smith, Tom Oberheim, Ikutaro Kakehashi, these are the names that many synth enthusiasts are familiar with. If a relatively unknown guy retires (and yes, compared to others, he is unknown) does that really make it newsworthy? Does that make it okay to jump all over someone? Excuse me (and him) for apparently not being as educated about synths as you are.

      1. Not sure why you feel a need to advertise your ignorance vs choosing to educate yourself.

        I, for one, am glad the news isn’t dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.

        And showing respect to someone like Williams, even if you don’t know him, is the classy thing to do.

      2. Why would I cut the dude any slack? Are you aware of the appropriate response to a post about something only marginally related to your interests (while still being clearly relevant to the topic of the website)? DONT READ IT. “Is this really news?” – ugh, possibly the most irritating comment (on any blog) possible. newsflash, NONE OF THIS SHIT MATTERS; it’s not ‘news’ in the grand scheme of things when a new ipad app is released, or a cool jam video is made, or if yet another analog monosynth is announced, but on a SYNTH BLOG it makes sense to post about them. Ridiculous to defend this person – his comment encapsulated everything about comment sections which (often) renders them useless and annoying. Beyond that, the comment was just rude – the equivalent of walking into a retirement party and going ‘who cares about your career, i’ve never heard of you’ and signing the goddamn guestbook anyway.

        1. A classless response filled with unnecessary expletives. Apparently, only your opinion matters.

          Rude? How is a guy or girl saying that they never heard of this guy and subjectively questioning the newsworthiness/interest of his retiring as being rude? Did socko call the guy any derogatory names or question any of his products?

          Again, apparently only your opinion matters and everyone else is wrong huh?

  2. Thank you Bob Williams for all your contributions to the field and the Euro format in particular. Godspeed.

  3. Great brand and I’m pleased to see that they’ll live on. It’ll be interesting to see what happens down the line with Schneidersbüro. If they sell them as is or change the widths and power connectors to make them Eurorack compatible off the shelf.

  4. this is synth related and relevant news…i don’t know the guy either, but actually, now i do because of Synthtopia. learning a little something new is usually a step in the right direction for most

  5. if any of the readers are into Modular they should try to find out who Bob is .. Bobs company Analogue systems is one of the reasons ‘MODULAR’ has became so big in many countries & open for ‘everyone’ to try out …

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