Free Elektron Analog Keys / Four Sound Pack


Elektron has released Synchrotron, a free sound pack for the Analog Four and Analog Keys synthesizers.

Nicholas Lem has created 128 sounds for the Analog Keys/Analog Four.

The Synchrotron Sound Pack consists of 100% royalty free sounds, ranging from ‘modularesque’ leads to ‘staticky drums’.

‘Like the massively ambitious plasma experiment that lends the pack its name,’ notes Elektron, ‘these sounds inspire further tweakage and experimentation of your own!’

Here’s a video intro:

Here are the official audio demos:

Synthrotron is a free download from the Elektron site.

5 thoughts on “Free Elektron Analog Keys / Four Sound Pack

  1. These are some of the best presets I’ve heard for the A4/AK. Additionally, usually you can tell the sounds are from an A4/AK – they have the same tone, same timbre. These are very different and I’d struggle to tell..

  2. I wait from elektron a new machine: the over bridge track sequencer
    a sequencer sampler that have a complete control of all elektron gear.
    More pattern lenght; step lock parameter; indipendent resolution (16th 32 th );
    with feature like ping pong ; probablity step like spectralis; etc etc.

  3. Just installed those, and I also have all the A4 patches packs I could find online.
    I’m a big fan of LEM’s, and he didn’t disappoint, these are indeed amazing ! Subtle and massive at the same time <3

    Made a quick piece with them on the Analog Four and with the Tabla pack on the Analog Rytm :

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