Animoog Update On The Way

Moog Music developer Geert Bevin (who’s also worked with┬áRoger Linn Design & EigenLabs) mentioned, via Twitter, that a new version of Animoog is now in testing.

The update promises full support for iOS 8, new iOS devices and the latest Audiobus.

No official release date has been announced.

19 thoughts on “Animoog Update On The Way

      1. I don’t know actually but i wouldn’t put it past them to price it that way. Animoog is cool but i am a bit disgruntled by their pricing policy.

    1. Which audio passthrough signal, afaik Animoog doesn’t have such a feature? Can you explain what you’re talking about in more detail, I don’t really understand what you’re referring to.

  1. I just bought animmof the other day. Great app – hope I’ll be able to get a free update…
    More presets would be great too, rather than having to buy them.

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