New Kick Drum Synth, KickR, For OS X

kickr-drum-synthGuDa Audio has introduced KickR – a kick drum synthesizer for OS X.


  • Designed ground up to create nothing but  kicks.
  • Three sections of Body, Thump and Noise for quick but still detailed control
  • Warm EQ is an old school style EQ that adds very mild saturation when pushing the levers up. ‘Great for sculpting and giving your kicks that extra ohmpf.’
  • Customizable interface with different color themes and knob styles
  • CPU friendly

KickR is available for Mac OS X in VST and AU format and for soon for Windows in VST format for 19 EUR / $19 USD. The developers say that  a Windows version will be available soon.

If you’ve used KickR, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

8 thoughts on “New Kick Drum Synth, KickR, For OS X

    1. You can try it without buying it. Every tenth, or so, kick will be muted but otherwise it works if you haven’t bought it.

  1. It’s still nice to hear audio demos before getting the demo. I hate installing plugins on my system that I might uninstall a short time after. I’m also curious to hear audio demos because it’s the developers chance to show me what he thinks are the strong points of this instrument. Even though it doesn’t take long to make audio demos, it also shows enthusiasm from the developers side.

    I like the simple look of it. The start pitch and end pitch is easy to understand. Not quite sure what pitch speed and time is though. Might try the demo to find out…but would like to hear some demos first… 🙂

  2. Time is simply the length of the kick, in time. Pitch speed is how quick it falls from start pitch to end pitch.
    Now there is a youtube video linked from the home page.

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