u-he HIVE Sneak Preview


U-He has introduced a new synth, Hive, that will be released June 2, 2015.

According to U-He, Hive was made to be fast and simple, but to offer enough power ‘to deliver stunning sounds’.

Here’s a video sneak preview:


  • Very low CPU usage
  • Switchable audio characteristics (normal, dirty, clean)
  • 2 main oscillators, 2 sub-oscillators
  • Up to 16x unison for each of the 4 oscillators for “super” sounds
  • 2 multimode filters
  • Step sequencer and arpeggiator
  • 12 slot modulation matrix with 2 targets per slot, 4 envelopes (ADSR), 2 LFOs
  • 7 built in effects
  • Single screen interface

Hive is available for pre-order for US $99, normally $149. See the U-He site for more info.

7 thoughts on “u-he HIVE Sneak Preview

  1. I have to say I think they did such a phenomenal job on Hive. I bought it a while back during early beta stages and right from the start I couldnt get over how great it sounds but still be gentle on the cpu. Urs is a goddamn necromancer.

  2. I already have Diva and love it. Not sure if this is intended to be a scaled down version of Diva or a completely different sounding synth.

    1. This synth does not have “analog-like” design under the hood, it is completely digital, like Sylenth. Therefore it might sound different from other U-he products.

  3. I like the layout, I would like this to be a rack extension for reason.

    The two independent amp envelopes are cool!

  4. Some of the presets knocked my newbie socks off. Man this smashes my Komplete 9 ultimate sounds. Looks way more (and is) more fun than Diva. The sounds are incredible and as one forum member had claimed “Urs is a Necromancer”. Phenomenal sounds and a real bargain for 99 usd. A whole new dark blue World.

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