New Sound Library For Elektron Analog Keys & Analog Four

Synthesist Cuckoo has created a new sound library of 64 patches for the Elektron Analog Keys/ Analog Four.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

analog-keys-sound-libraryI finally got around to make a collection of 64 patches for the Analog Keys/ Analog Four. And for you who don’t have one of those unit, I made a sample pack with recordings of most of the patches.

The samples are long, so if you need one-shot files you’ll need to chop them up yourself. But for an Octatrack I figured it’s better to have many one-shots in one file.

The patches are available to supporters of his Patreon channel.

2 thoughts on “New Sound Library For Elektron Analog Keys & Analog Four

  1. I hope elektron build a new sequencer hardware, called for example overbridge machine, that allowed to control a4 and aR , with:
    1) unless measure capabilities and sampler -mixer on board like octatrack (minimum measure 32)
    2) probability step sequencer , with different option like forward, ping pong, etc etc. ( like spectralis or LXR drumachine)
    3) mute function
    4) possibilities to connect more midi channel, and also more elektron instrument overbridge compatibilities.
    They can do it !!
    They MUST do it !!

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