New Legowelt Studio Sound Pack For Elektron Analog Rytm

Elektron has introduced Legowelt Studio – a new Sound Pack for Analog Rytm.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Legowelt Studio Sound Pack contains a selection of samples, optimized for use on the Analog Rytm. The bundle also includes a custom Analog Rytm project featuring patterns, kits and live-friendly scene and performance macros.

All content has been created by Legowelt and Elektron.

The Sound Pack samples will of course also work on the Machinedrum UW and Octatrack, but the Project, Kits, Patterns and macros will only work on the Analog Rytm.

Here are the official audio demos:

Legowelt Studio is available for US $15 via the Elektron site.

14 thoughts on “New Legowelt Studio Sound Pack For Elektron Analog Rytm

  1. I’m tired of all these sample packs for the Rytm. It’s called Analog, and I for one didn’t buy it to play back samples! How about some new analog machines like we were promised?

    1. 100% agree: I’m holding off on a purchase until they demonstrate some commitment to actually improving the hardware.

      I care way more about new/improved machines, additional LFOs and other requested/promised features than I do about Overbridge or endless nickel-and-dime sample packs.

      Get with it, Elektron!

  2. Yes, sampleacks that take forever to load over midi! – I am not bothering even looking at packs until overbridge comes out to load and manage them…

    I have t bothered with any for my RYTM but did get the analog 808 presets….whilst it is tooth be able to use and blend samples with the analog engine, I agree that it is still the analog engine most people care about…

  3. I hope elektron build a new sequencer hardware, called for example overbridge machine, that allowed to control a4 and aR , with:
    1) unless measure capabilities and sampler -mixer on board like octatrack (minimum measure 32)
    2) probability step sequencer , with different option like forward, ping pong, etc etc. ( like spectralis or LXR drumachine)
    3) mute function
    4) possibilities to connect more midi channel, and also more elektron instrument overbridge compatibilities.
    They can do it !!
    They MUST do it !!

        1. Ever heard of the arranger/song mode ?
          It’s quite powerful…

          As for the packs, well, this one I don’t have (yet ?), but I have some other ones ; the quality of their sound packs is great and quite inspirational.
          To me and many others, the analog part sounds great already. If you want more LFOs in a MIDI sequencer, etc, get an Octatrack, if you want greater control over analog synthesis, get an Analog Four, and if you want more drum engines, get a Machinedrum.
          Anyways, whining about the features an Elektron machine doesn’t have won’t take you anywhere as far as loving the machine for what it can do.
          Your choice. The only one really in your power, anyways.

  4. It certainly seems like they will come out with a sequencer/mixer box.
    That would explain why all the analog range boxes are intentionally crippled with midi support and also with input/output options.

  5. Did u see thta Commodore Amiga 1200 running Octamed? Will try to load that bank in Ableton… Trackers rules!!! 😉

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