43 thoughts on “Elektron Teases Analog Rytm OS Detroit Edition

    1. based on this year, it will come with a 4.5 hour download time… featuring samples from Skrillex and Dj Snoopadellic

    1. Maybe people make “Pavlonian” comments because Elektron has been saying they are going to release it sometime this month. For me all I want is the BETA, not another sound pack or a pic of a upcoming OS. I can’t even guess how long we’ve all been waiting. I don’t know about you guys but I’m getting tired of hearing maybe next week, or next quarter.

        1. It may be free, but its also a 2k drum machine. If it is going to be late, just say it will be out when its out, you have nothing to gain by annoying customers (many of whom probably structure their studios off having spare inputs on their interfaces once overbridge is released)

          Dont say december if it isnt going to be december, just say soon. dont say may when it clearly isnt going to be may, just say soon. it is unnecessary and just makes people annoyed.

          They are double at fault for promising it to be free (no gain for them) and then promising deadlines that they dont keep.

          FWIW – i am one of those people waiting to free up inputs on my interface from my Rytm and am holding off getting an analog 4 till this is released for the very same reason. I am grateful for free upgrades and OS’s for the gear ive bought, but im not happy about broken promises and missed dates

          1. “But you promised”

            Things change, all surprises are not nice, and some people get over minor inconveniences, some even survive actual inconveniences.

            1. Others still, manage to live fulfilling lives without the need to be smart arses to feel good about themselves – truly astounding.

      1. It still is May though..
        And is it really impossible to make music without overbridge?
        I’m sure it will be a huge difference and makes working with all the Elektron products much easier.
        But don’t forget Elektron is a really small company!
        I’m glad they developed such beautiful products. So give it an extra week or month.
        At Elektron they are probably even more stressed out because it takes so long to get overbridge working like they want it to work.
        And I rather have a good Beta with less bugs than an unstable piece of shit where you can’t work with.
        That having said, it would have been better that they gave themselves more time to fix problems they come across. Waiting is nobodies hobby of course.
        But we’ll survive 😉

    2. That’s because Elektron promised the beta of overbridge on May. If they stick to their promise they will be praised, otherwise they will be criticized. At least that’s the way it should be imo

          1. Yes yesterday Dateline posted a picture on the elektron forum showing overbridge in its full glory, claiming it’s not far away it end to believe him

    3. I can empathize with Sinewolf and I don’t even own an Elektron product (although I really want to). If a company states that they will add a feature then they don’t deliver it is false advertisement, period. If buying a product based on what a company states are the development path, and they don’t deliver it can be pretty disheartening. Or if they ship out a product with bugs they can’t fix you are screwed. Making promises or suggestions that a feature/s will be added is just bad tactics to squeeze money from the market. I don’t want to name names, but whatever. I’m a diehard Ableton fan, but I hate them so much as they’ve made many false promises and have yet to fix major bugs or give Push any proper added functionality. I’m tired of getting screwed and a lot of other people are too.

      1. “If a company states that they will add a feature then they don’t deliver it is false advertisement, period. If buying a product based on what a company states are the development path, and they don’t deliver it can be pretty disheartening. Or if they ship out a product with bugs they can’t fix you are screwed. Making promises or suggestions that a feature/s will be added is just bad tactics to squeeze money from the market.”

        Pretty sure you just typed out the Dave Smith Instruments mission statement.

  1. The birth place of techno and Motown.
    Lets ignore the social history and sanitise and revise,the
    conditions techno and soul came from.
    How many electrons are heading for detroit?

      1. let me help your thought process.
        how can the lack of OT support not be relevant. it was unfinished when it came to the market and its state as an end-all sampler is in my opinion far from achieved.
        all of the effort seems to go into the newer products, which i understand, but would really piss me off if i still had the box.
        elektron have spread themselves a bit thin in my opinion, which OB delay also shows.
        i do not fault them and respect them nonetheless.
        also for a groundbreaking feature like this people should show more patience imo.

  2. Per Elektron, this was just a one-off for the Movement Festival, not a whole new OS version for the public.

  3. Overbridge yadda yadda yadda Overbdrige yadda yadda yadda yadda yadda.

    Yadda yadda yadda.

    Yadda yadda.

  4. For those poor souls who are tormented over the delivery date of OB:
    Remember when you are a kid, wanting a toy you saw so badly that you wouldn’t stop hassling your parents for it? That’s exactly how you come across. I’m sure you’ll be on love with Elektron again once OB is released. But until then, you’ll kick and scream, and swear that they are screwing you over by withholding the FREE stuff you believe you absolutely must have (and are entightled to). But back to your childhood again, where you might remember not getting that toy you were so bent over, because mommy and daddy couldn’t afford it, or because of some other unseen issue that you could not comprehend at the time. The OB situation is like that kids. So grow up, and be happy that you can even afford their products, and that you even have space in your life to be upset over such an unimportant thing like the release date of (FREE) Overbridge.

    1. It stopped being free the moment someone purchased one of their products based on the promise of OB functionality by the dates on their website. If they’re using OB to sell products, then those customers are paying for it.

      1. They were selling those machines well before they announced OB, so it has never been factored into the cost of the hardware, ever. Also, the machines that will not be supported by OB (Monomachine and Machinedrum) still cost well over $1000, so there is obviously no OB costs factored into those as well. I personally have never had the feeling that Elektron was “using OB to sell products”, but merely doing as Elektron has always done – surprise their users with sometimes huge and amazing updates …for free. They’ve been doing that for years, and it’s one of the reasons Elektron users are often very dedicated.

        If you bought any hardware, just because there was the promise of a software editor, then you have sorely missed the point of these ingenious devices. Really, Overbridge is only going to give you access to all of the hardware parameters at a glance on a computer screen. It’s not like it’s going to drastically change the functionality of the devices! Shit man, how lazy can some people be? Learn the device, and you won’t feel so desperate for OB.

        Carry on with tantrum ….

        1. Except that OB does add new functionality.
          Elektron is a profit-seeking company, not a charity. They don’t put OB on their website out of the kindness of their hearts. They do it to sell machines to new users who aren’t content with hardware-only options.

        2. adolph that is not entirely right. in any case its a speculation that can go both ways.
          actually as i recall elektron has had hardware aspect which were unlocked with a later updates.
          however buying anything today based on a promise is a silly practice. no one to fault but yourself here dan.

    2. Millions of people around the world are wondering if they’re going to eat today, and people here are complaining about not getting a free update to a $1500 hobby device fast enough.

  5. Quite happy with my machines, yes even octotrack ,ob is coming, if your not happy with elektron sell your machines stop your pointless threats if you brought the machines for one feature, machines that are quite magnificent in their own right well. I brought the a4 when it was released it is now batted, scratched, been played live, ect ect I love it,I think like the machine crazy but true.

    If your lucky to have say the a4 and octrrack I’m pretty sure it won’t be to hard to route the ot through the a4 into the computer back into the a4 and into the ot for further processing, that and rustys octoedit is on the way

  6. If it does real Sync with the DAW, you can the most criticism of you, better keep the mouth closed, you have no idea how difficult it is do. Or better next time buy DSI or Made in China stuff, they do great synchrony products!!

  7. WOW. For the workflow that these products are geared towards, Overbridge is basically an excuse to hide in your basement. These are performance tools – stop complaining about some software feature. The boxes are designed to NOT be forever attached to a computer. Sad! But hey, get overbridge and stay home.

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