Hypersynth Xenophone Adds New Arpeggiator Features


Hypersynth has updated the OS for the Xenophone analog synthesizer, adding new arepeggiator features.

Here’s a video demo: of the new arpeggiator features of Hypersynth Xenophone:

After releasing the new OS “firmware v1.7”, the arpeggiator section is improved greatly. Now it responds to chord (up to 10 notes) with different velocities + several other improvements.

Firmware v1.7 Additions & Fixes:

  • Now arpeggiator responds to (chord/multiple notes) with different velocities.
  • Now latch mode memorized the last played chord instead of single note.
  • Added new Arp Span mode: “ordered”.
  • Extended Arp range from 3 to 5 octaves.
  • Fixed Keytracking issue that did not generate proper values when Arp was enabled.
  • Added option to filter MIDI Start/Stop message in global menu.

The latest firmware is available as a free download from the Hypersynth site.

Hypersynth product developer Iman JL also let us know that the next Xenophone synths will be ready to ship in mid June 2015.

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  1. I really am looking forward to demoing one of these synths. They are layed out well and and sound great. Can they be racked?

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