Elektron Overbridge Now Available In Public Beta

Elektron has announced that Overbridge – the much-anticipated software that lets you use Elektron’s analog hardware as a plugin within your DAW – is now available as a public beta. 

The following Overbridge features are available now, with the Public Beta release, Overbridge 0.9:

  • CoreAudio / ASIO / WDM sound card functionality
  • Multi-tracking via single USB cable
  • Overbridge Control Panel
  • Analog Four / Keys plugins
  • VSTi plugin format
  • Parameter automation
  • Kit/Sound editing capabilities
  • Sequencing via DAW
  • Mac and Windows support

Here’s an overview of what’s available in the Public Beta:

These additional features are planned for the official 1.0 release of Overbridge:

  • Analog Rytm plugin
  • AU plugin format
  • Sequencing via Elektron sequencer synced to DAW
  • Total recall of machine state
  • Sound / sample browsing
  • Analog processing via plugin
  • Multiple Elektron units support

You can get Overbridge now at the Elektron site.

37 thoughts on “Elektron Overbridge Now Available In Public Beta

  1. “For the first time in history”… I think this statement is a little strong. Virus TI maybe?

    Having said that, I do believe it’s a great news. All current analog manufacturers should actually include this feature by default.

    It’s the only way to convince modern users that use DAW and plugins to easily and quickly switch from one project to the other… but still look for analog units for the sound and an easy, quick and dedicated control surface.

    1. I was thinking the same thing, what about Access Music and the Virus TI, they have their plugin since 2005, don’t see any innovation here.

      1. Synthmania.de does have vst’s for several TRUE analog synths, however, so claiming this is a first is kinda untrue.

        1. Those are just editors, Overbridge is a comprehensive audio over USB platform. It will eventually include total integration of the Elektron’s sequencers and have total recall of project settings when you load your DAW.

      2. So, Elektron has managed to transmit ANALOG sound thru USB?
        Come on, USB is digital and once the analog sound has been converted into digital thru the unit’s A/D converters, there is absolutely no difference with Virus.
        After all it is just a device with a ‘sound card’ into it. No big deal about that. Couple that with an Editor and you just have the ‘game changing’ news.
        Just marketing.

        1. But… there is a difference. The elektron is analog, the virus isn’t. Just because the sound, later is going through an A/D converter, doesn’t mean it is the same thing. That would be like saying that ANY analog synth is the same thing as a digital if it is recorded into a computer. Which simply is untrue.

          If it is a ‘game changer’ or ‘big deal’ is clearly just subjective.

  2. Hot tip for Octatrack users (that own other Elektron gear) that want some Overbridge functionality on their device. It’s kind of a workaround, and there’s definitely no VST functionality, but pipe your audio outs from the Octatrack into the audio ins on the Analog Keys, and you can send those two channels of audio over USB. Send your other external gear into your Octatrack, and say goodbye to that Scarlett 2 channel interface you’ve been using!

  3. I’m surprised there aren’t tons of comments yet proclaiming – “Finally!!!!” Guess everyone is still trying it out first. 😀

  4. @synthesis– That is because, as a variant form of GAS, “Whining for Overbridge Syndrome” requires that once the Overbridge has been acquired, one must look for the next thing to desire.

  5. I tested Overbridge on my A4 and it works fine. Much nicer to tweak the sound parameters that way. I think it’s better for beginners to start with OB and then you get sense of all the pages and knobs on real machine.

    I think it’s already great feature and I’m keen to see the full version. It will be superb based on this experience.

  6. It realy is amazing to see an analog synth show up as a VST without any routing to your soy cards I/o
    The ability to also run your audio or VST through the analog4 fx (analog and digital) will also be. Great addition. Game changing tech

  7. Overbridge software suite 0.9.0 public beta release
    Elektron Music Machines
    May 32, 2015

    ^^^^ May 32nd 🙂

    Ah Zymos beat me to it!

  8. havent started testing it yet but apparently switching patterns is not fully implemented yet and/or not working in the way intended

    which sucks because thats the whole reason i want it… sync the sequencer and change patterns while remaining totally in sync..

    wonder how much longer it will take to get that implemented correctly…

  9. I have checked the analog four plugin in FL Studio 12 but no automation features are avaible and no bidirectional communication has anyone the same problem?

  10. whatever… they told lied to us about rytm… this was a big let down for many people and electron just thinks its ok. i know many of us who won’t be supporting them anymore.. sick of their lies and bs. rytm hasn’t been updated and its a beta product… don’t buy it! i repeat don’t buy rytm.. its garbage right now.

  11. What a load of rubbish. The Analog Rytm is a fine machine and works just fine without Overbridge. While I look forward to using it and my A4 with Overbridge, they both work very well without it. To claim that the AR is a ‘beta’ product is just plain false.

  12. Can anyone report on how it is? Doesnt have rytm support yet and wont recognise it as an overbridge device yet.

    Looking forward to having all 8 voices streaming audio into a vst without the need to have my sound card slots full just for the Rytm.

    Hope the Beat period goes well and we get Rytm support soon

  13. It’s pretty clever that they thought of this in the first part, and that they then figured out how to give a good interface for all the parameter stuff and audio to be sent over USB. Now, I’m not sure of the hardware specs of the A4 and the Rytm, but I assume the USB ports are just 2.0, and if they are then it will be kind of exciting to see what bit rates of audio and how much more you will be able to do with this technology.
    Update: I looked up a photo of the analog keys and it has a USB 2.0 B connector on the back. USB 3.0 has a faster data transfer rate and two unidirectional paths for data, so once Elektron starts making synths with that(which I wouldn’t see any time too soon) they will be able to implement an even more robust version of overbridge.

    1. Ah, I did read about the Virus Total Integration, and the concept is pretty much the same(sending MIDI and audio over USB), and I think it will be a good step for making music with hardware synthesizers(analog or digital) on a computer.

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